feminist babble

Random Academic Feminist Babble

So my paper was accepted to SEWSA (South East Women’s Studies Association) and I am glad but nervous at the same time.  I have come to realize that many people in the “women’s studies” group are just annoying and have WAY too many “DUH” moments for my liking.  Don’t get me wrong-I have my fair share of DUH moments but mine are more because I think that most things are so obvious that everyone should realize it, while these others are more along the lines of “oh I really didn’t notice that” or “Are you serious?” type of things.  Maybe I’m too harsh or too judgemental, I know I can be a real bitch about most things but come on people, you spend 2+ years working on a master’s degree there are certain things you should take away from the program even if you don’t pay attention all that much just because all your classes beat it into your skull.  Why is it that the women’s studies program works so hard to beat down the other women in the program, shouldn’t it be about solidarity? About working together to reach a common goal of advancing women into a higher place in our society? Instead many people, both professors and students work against each other and tear each other down, destroying any small amounts of self-confidence a person may have.  This I feel is very detrimental to the program both on an academic level and on a larger societal level.  How can women ever hope to overcome the patriarchal powers that have held them down in a subordinate place when they are behaving in the same manner that men have for so many centuries?