Daly Gyn/Ecology

More Babble

Ok so this whole passage really struck a chord with me and maybe it will with some of you (I recommend this book to all who don’t mind some heavy metaphysical feminist reading):

“This entire book is asking the question of movement, of Spinning. It is an invitation to the WIld Witch in all women who long to sping. This book is a declaration that it is time to stop putting answers before the Questions. It is a declaration/Manifesto that in our chronology (Crone-ology) it is time to get moving again. It is a call of the wild to the wild, calling Hags/Spinsters to spin/be beyond the parochial bondings/bindings of any comfortable “community.” It is a call to women who have never named themselves Wild before, and a challenge to those who have been in struggle for a long time and who have retreated for awhile.” (Daly, xlix)