Seriously? Kali makes ALL witches violent?

So a dear friend of mine has asked me to start explaining to her daughter about the Goddess. For Solstice I gave her (the daughter-R) a Goddess necklace that a dearest friend gave to me (which I have had tattooed on my back) and it felt right to begin passing that necklace down from woman to woman, with the hopes that someday R will pass it to her daughter and so on, continuing the families belief in the Goddess.  Since then R hasn’t taken the necklace off once.  Well now R has turned 14 and my friend has decided it is time she begins learning more. My friend decided I should be the one because of my academic background so I’ve been putting together pages that outline various things beginning with The Goddess, then on to the differences between Goddess centered worship and Wicca.  This brings me to my point that has my panties in a twist.  While doing some random surfing around just to see what has newly been written or published I happened upon an article that was written by a man with his head so far up his ass I cannot believe that he can see daylight.

Normally, everyone is welcome to their own opinion, but…..this is so irritating. This man is very obviously Christian even though it doesn’t become so apparent till halfway through the article and then the more I read it almost becomes a personal attack on Starhawk.  Now Christians are welcome to their beliefs and to say what they like about alternate religions as long as they expect me to defend my belief system and point out flaws in theirs. Starhawk, I have a personal like for, having written a paper on her and her influence on witchcraft while an undergrad.  So right there he gets two big fuck you’s.  Then he makes it even worse. He tacks on constant attacks of feminists, because obviously if your a witch, like Starhawk then you MUST be a feminist also. I sat staring Cod-fish like at my screen as he begin saying that while we “say” that we eschew violence and try to not encourage it he goes on to talk solely about Hindu Goddess like Kali and the ritual sacrifices that were made to her.  Well then he attacks us by actually going down the road of “oh your religions and members claim to dislike violence but your real capacity for it is seen in the amount of unborn children aborted in the US every year-roughly 20 million.” Um, huh? Did I miss a link here? He instantly jumps from witches and violence and abortion to blaming FEMINISTS for wreaking this destruction to cause this “carnage.”  So, let me see here-Witches=feminists=abortionists. WOOHOO, let’s see how many it takes to make us fly-quick get the baby fat burning!

So now that my snarkiness for the moment has passed. He then moves to attack Starhawk directly by beginning with a statement that feminists hide behind a smoke-screen by claiming that abortion isn’t a “right-to life” issue and a “right of a woman to exercise control” over her own body issue. He jumps right from there onto Starhawk by twisting what she says so that her readings now go from saying that worship of the Goddess no longer includes respect of all living things and that the abortion issue  is one of the right to have sexuality and sexual expression.  So he is, in essence, saying that when witches say that our religion is based on the respect and honor of all living things we have been taught deception and disinformation, which as all Christian’s know since “sorcery (witchcraft) and deception (lying) are portrayed in God’s Word.” (Jeremiah 9:27-28)

He moves on to try to use historical references to human sacrifice to show an even stronger link between witches and our desire for violence and death…..but I have to know, just dieing to ask him-What about all the violence, murder, and death that his religion inflicted throughout history? Was it ok that the Christians killed witches for being women who had money and power without a man around to control them, or who spoke out against a man? It was OK for their religion to crucify the redeemer because it was called for and he said it was “meant to be” on a dead piece of the tree of life (I mean really that’s all the cross was)? Perhaps it would have been ok for everyone if the cross was bacon-covered, since we all know bacon makes everything better.

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