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This is very disjointed because it is just total free form babble, will sort it out later to make more sense:

Creation myths, myths to live by, myths to teach a moral lesson-all things that have been changed throughout our society.  Where there were once very set ritual and myth for every phase of a someones life now people simply go from one area to the other often without learning the lessons that they should.  Joseph Campbell discusses this is “Myths to Live By” when he is telling the story of how in his day the transition of becoming a young man from a boy was one of being allowed to wear long pants verses short pants.  Fairy tales, which when the Grimm Brothers began their collecting, were told orally from one family member or villager to another, were there to keep people safe or to teach a much needed lesson about life.  Cinderella, Snow White, all the Disney-fied tales plus so many others that have been distorted by today’s need to make everything end happily or at least not quite as gruesomely as the originals did.  Where are the myths that led to the rituals that taught us how to live? Were they wiped out with the removal of the Goddess worshiping cultures? Were they all transformed into male-dominant stories to keep women in their place?  Were these rituals changed and simply pushed down because the idea of “ritual” was still to close to the pagan ideals that Christianity was trying to remove?  Creation myths are the largest myth that has been drastically changed throughout human history.  In early society traces of Goddess Worship was prominent, with stories of a strong female Goddess granting life and being the all powerful force in the universe which was to be appreciated.  These Old Religions did no demonize a male God, nor did they refuse to admit the existence of one, they simply felt that the Goddess was above him in many rites and rituals.  From the ancient Mesopotamian tales to Celtic rituals of fertility to modern covens many of the base beliefs have not changed all that much, they just have taken longer to resurface.  Where the Goddess used to reign supreme men came and pushed her and her followers far underground to battle covertly to reclaim a small, tenuous foothold on the Earth they so hold highly.  Over the years, men who idealized a dominant male God succeeded in changing how people viewed the Goddess-she became a demon, a whore, the cause for humanity’s suffering by her lust for power and intellect in the Garden of Eden, she became something to be reviled and demeaned.  This ideal was not reserved for the non-corporeal Goddess though, these went on to spread to all of the female race and the very Mother Earth herself.  Amazing what has been done to both women and the Earth all in the name of religion and because “they deserve it”.  While men rape, pillage and tear the Earth to pieces with their mining and drilling and construction they mimic the same destruction that has been enacted on women’s bodies.  The stripping away of the Earth’s outer crusts and beautiful layers of air which give life can be seen as a representation of the stripping away that men have done of women’s sexuality.  No longer can with being be sexually alluring or life-giving, they are no more than a pack mule, set upon, well the Earth herself, to do the bidding of men. Men are controlling the reproduction of the Earth’s resources just as men are attempting to control women’s reproductive abilities.  Nature and women have always been associated throughout the whole of human history.  Eve, when she first took down the apple (or tomato depending on what you believe she bit), doomed all women to be tied to both Nature and the Earth-or so many thought.  But is it really her fault? No, of course not-once again men came and demonized the Goddess in the guise of a human woman.  Suddenly the Goddess was Eve, a human woman that disobeyed their male God.  Interestingly enough though in some interpretations of their Christianity there is Lilith and Eve, hmmm, two sides of the same coin.  They couldn’t completely eradicate the Goddess so in one personification-Eve they make her the downfall of man, human but flawed; and then on the other side of the coin-Lilith, a more non-human demonized side of the Goddess who embodies the whore-ish, supernatural, dark aspects of the Goddess.  *ponder* Interesting dichotomy they built up there, one has to wonder if they did it on purpose or if it just “happened” through oral myth and they ran with it.  Again I digress, see-disjointed- even these myths of Eve and Lilith, and the beginning of Creation through the Christian religion hold strong ritual, albeit stolen from the Goddess worshiping cultures that came before, but they are there just the same.

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