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I need somewhere to store this back and forth while i work on  it in multiple locations, heheh.

Feminist Spirituality, Goddess Worship, Thealogy-all of these term bring to most minds the images that have been portrayed by the popular movies and television shows of our modern culture.  One thinks of the ever popular Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer; the women who are shown in the woods bare skinned around a fire doing goddess knows what on shows such as Bones; and of course who can forget The Craft.  There are examples after example that can be mentioned but all too often these portrayals of Goddess worshipping women, at some point, turn to a “dark and evil side of magic”.  These modern representations of women worshipping a strong, female presence are nothing more than modern myths twisted and, often times, so watered down that no one realizes what is happening to the role of women.  While there are some Goddess followers who will say that with the onslaught of feminist spirituality coming out of the closet these myths are no longer relevant to most of society, where many feel that these myths are more important now than ever before.

The strongest myths that are being subconsciously fed to the masses today are, of course, the demonization of women, the destruction of our beloved Mother Earth, and the male control of women’s sexuality.  The patriarchy found that the feminist movement, as a whole, is doing their job for them.  There is so much dissension within the movement itself that they no longer have to worry about women “raising a fuss” over the degradation of women on television or in movies. They are raping the Earth with reckless abandon without groups such as the one led by Wangari Maathai to protest the destruction of nature.  The movement is too busy arguing over scholarly theory, and politics, and while these things may have their important place in the grand scheme of things the patriarchy is slowly, methodically destroying women’s self-image, power and control over themselves, their beliefs and their sexuality, most of the time without us even realizing it.

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