Pin-Up Girls

Since I seem to use this as a savin place for ideas while at work-

Pin-up girls have an unusual position in our cultural history.  During World War I they became key parts of the war morale that helped to keep our fighting boys spirits high and to assist women in earning money of their own to support their families.

There is a pin-up revival going on in our culture today.  Some would argue that the pin up never truly left us, that she only slide into the background or the underground.  While many alternative lifestyle followers have always embraced many of the pin up girl styles they are now becoming more commonplace in the popular media and it by this that I mean there is a revival going on.  Many women are returning to the ever classic look that the pinup’s made famous. These women of the classic pinup world were not of the stereotypical body style of the media models of today and many women are finding new agency in claiming their association with it.  The pinups and burlesque dancers of the early 40s and 50s were curvaceous and soft, not boney and stick thin. The look of the pinup with their corsets and garter belts is becoming popular again as women are finding  that they take a personal joy and sexiness in themselves when they slide on the silk thigh-hi stockings and attach the garters to them.  Stiletto heels are making a comeback along with high-waisted “granny” panties made of silk and lace.  Pointed full cup bras worn with a corset are seen as the new lingerie craze.  Suddenly the desire to appear sexy without “selling the farm” is everything to these women who are embracing the look of the pinup.

While many of the pinup looks are popular within the rockabilly and alternative cultures they are appropriating it with their own style and flair.  Many women are taking this classic look such as pencil skirts and halter tops and decorating them with skull or leopard prints in hot pink and black!  Many of these girls are covered in tattoos and piercings, taking nothing away from the beauty of the pinup but only adding to the uniqueness of the look.  Imagine Betty Page herself with a beautiful tattoo down one perfectly formed leg highlighting its natural curve and beauty.  While some of these girls are modeling for themselves others are trying to make career out of this and are taking what could become a very positive movement and twisting it into nothing more than yet another mis-appropriation of women. While at heart groups like the “Suicide Girls” began with the best of intentions ( I believe) they have missed the larger point-they promote only women who fall into the popular image of what a woman should look like, albeit a tattooed and pierced woman.  They have no (or few if any) women of color, butch-ish appearanced women, and no women who do not fall into the not stick thin category.  This works to defeat the entire purpose of a revival of any true pinup culture.  They are not the only downfall, shows such as LA Ink do not help much more-showing only perfectly coiffed and shaped women. Yes they do show women that fall outside the “normal” appearance of your everyday woman by using women who are heavily tattooed, pierced and have not normal hair colors, but where are the women who fall into these categories that are academics, accountants, teachers, CEO’s?  Where is the rule that suddenly dictates that a person is judged solely on their hair color or tattoos they have? I worry about the day coming when I don’t have my job which allows me to have all of these things with no worries.  With my education and resume I should never have a problem finding employment but if I wish to maintain my hair color I will.  Hair color should NEVER be an issue on how I do my job!  I got lucky, I work for an old school punk who said “his world wasn’t right if my hair wasn’t pink”.  I went on a job interview and I was the one who brought up my hair color, I’m sure (even though I offered to change it) it was a factor in why I wasn’t offered the job even though I was the most qualified.  Ok, wow I just totally got off topic and on a rant.  Apparently I am unable to focus on anything right now, between that-my sucktastic life, wanting more ink, and being miserable-bad combo to try to start a new essay to try to get published.

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