So I started working on two new papers this week and am overwhelmed by both of them because I’m trying to work on them simultaneously.  One is on being a feminist in the fetish scene and the other is a critical commetary on Joss Whedon’s DollHouse (which did get picked up for a second season *dance*).   The fetish one will be a long term qualitative study with questionaires and studies and junk, while the other is just me babbling.  I have to decide like this week if I’m going to apply for another master’s degree in History and finish the application asap.  I just am having a hard time deciding if this is where I want to go, I am having trouble because a large part of me just wants to move on to my PHD but there is not one nearby that I can start. *sigh* Why do they make it so difficult for people who want to pursue higher degrees?  le sigh.

Things heard this weekend that made me giggle-” Let me in, I need to blow dry my nipples” and “He’s ugly but I might consider fucking him” *snicker* I love my few friends.

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