Thoughts while I Study

As I study for my comps that are coming up, I have to re-read a number of books that I read during my degree seeking, and as I do it I am finding things that strike me more than they did the first time.  My area of expertise that I will be given an essay to write on is Women’s Spirituality so I’m paying close attention to those works.  I just started re-reading Mary Daly’s Gyn/Ecology and am reminded of how strong her words are and her belief in what she writes.  She does not just split words to make them more noticeable she gives them new meaning-Gyn/Ecology-Daly means this to be a female centered wholeness with the universe.  I had forgotten how metaphysical she is and then I started to read the Preface (yes just into the Preface) and am struck by her strength against Christianity-“God represents the necrophilia of patriarchy, whereas Goddess affirms the life loving of be-ing a woman and nature.”  I’m going to let that reverb through my head for a while.

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