Witch’s Ball ~ Beautiful Protection

When you hear the name Witch’s Ball, the first thing that most people think of are the beautiful blown glass creations such as the ones pictured in this post.   A witch’s ball can be one of these beautiful blown glass creations with colors as vibrant as those found in the garden or as deep as the night.

Often used for protection against the “evil eye”, evil spells, sickness and even in ancient times against witches, a witch ball can be not only a useful tool but a beautiful addition to a garden or home!

There are many legends surrounding the Witch’s Ball but most agree that the vibrant colors which swirl together almost magickally in the glass attract harmful energies into it, protecting the home or person who has placed it from that harm.

Witch Balls have been very popular since around the 18th century. First in England, then following into the “new world” and New England, but their actual origin is generally considered to be older.  For what may be well over 3 centuries, hollow glass spheres have been hung in windows to ward off bad luck, witch’s spells and evil spirits.  Hanging these decorative glass balls in the window or on the porch is said to tantalize and mesmerize mischievous spirits which may threaten tranquility and peace within a home.  When the spirit touches the sphere it is absorbed and trapped in the web-like strands of the glass inside the ball.

Witch Balls can range in size from 2 inches to up to 7 inches in diameter.  Crystal gazers sometimes claimed they used balls in which the spirits of dead souls had been banished.  Which then, the seer was thought to be dealing with spirits.

Over time, as if often the case, the philosophy of what a Witch Ball is and should be has changed and number artists over the years have altered the Witch Ball to include vibrant colors, strands inside, twisting patterns and shape.  These new patterns and colors are beautiful to behold, graceful in a garden and can be used to protect the inhabitants of a garden and even draw in Faerie influence with the bright and delightful colors.

In my own home, I have several Witch Balls which serve as reinforcements of peace and tranquility in my home.  Downstairs on the patio I have a beautiful orb of violet and grass green with one of beautiful shades of Cobalt and Sky blues in a leafy holder on my desk upstairs.

Over the years my collection has grown through gifts and my own purchases to include a lovely orange and yellow globe much like the one pictured above (which is on my wishlist as I love the ‘tree’ design on the inside) to having just ordered one for Samhain in the most lovely shades of Black and Orange to decorate outside with!

No matter what you see when you look at a Witch Ball, there is no denying the beauty the patterns in glass which will evoke amazing joy in most people.   The Sacred Mists Shoppe, where I work, has the most amazing diversity in designs for Witch Balls that I have ever seen and desired to get for my home.  The tranquil essence they hold, in my opinion, stems from the beauty and essence of the colors which swirl within each orb.  Decorating a garden with an Orb within a decorative metal stake may attract faeries to bless your garden with.  I will be experimenting with this as I work on my garden this winter and spring, updates will follow. 🙂

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