Who am I?

Once upon a time in a kingdom of great warmth and humidity lived a simple woman. 

The woman came from a background of hard work and tough times.  For a period she was considered homeless and lived as a Gypsy on the couches and in the spare rooms of her friends for short periods of time and then moving on.  She held down a full time job that enabled her to eat, have insurance and take public transportation but not so much that she could afford an apartment of her own.  Eventually her parents found out of the living conditions which she did not mind terribly but they did.  Moving to the same county as their daughter this enabled her to save money and work 2 jobs to do so.  You see she was in love with a wonderful and intelligent man.  They wanted to purchase a house.  While her credit was not so good his was lovely and she contributed what she could to make this happen for them.  After the home purchase she did not work as she did not have a car of her own any longer and the public transportation schedule did not facilitate her to keep her 3rd shift position.  In the August move she was busy unpacking their home and keepign it clean.  September came and she began to be restless and yearned for a job that she could finally not struggle form month to month.  She applied for a local yet large dot com web hosting provider and waited.  As October hit her contacts for Halloween seasonal jobs @ the Costume Shop and Haunted Houses paid off for a little cash to keep her busy and not constantly cleaning the already clean house out of boredom.

In November she accepted a position in sales.  Her career blossomed under the mentorship of a good Manager then Director.  Growing from Sales Rep to Order Administration to Supervisor to Assistant Manager to Project Coordinator to Channel Management throughout her 10 year career.  She made several friends and found a place where she could be who she was with no hiding.  You see she was a Witch and Wiccan.  This place allowed her to not hide who she was as they were open minded and asked questions without judgement.  After 10 years she left this place which had turned from the warm home and career she loved to a cold place where she just worked to pay the bills and support her lifestyle.  She took a new job for less money.   One that encouraged her spiritual development and growth, one that challenged her greatly.  One she loves dearly for a woman who she sees as both friend and mentor.

No place can please all the people all the time.  This place strives to enourage growth through study, self-study and community interaction. This place has given me the greatest gifts of my personal growth.

What has the cost been for me?  Do I look at the cost of my tuition and think it is a waste to spend the money?  I’ve spent over a thousand dollars on my education at Sacred Mists over the last 7 years.  It to me is money well spent.  I support the Community, the Tradition, my Mentor, my High Priestess.  So what has the cost been for me?  Over the last 7 years + I have lost something.  I have lost uncontrollable anger, the need to compete with my peers, the unending thirst to be the best.  I have gained, patience, grace, light and much love.  This is a price I don’t mind paying to have the beauty of Wicca and the closeness of the Goddess grant me Serenity. 

I have learned who I am, what my purpose is.  I hear the Call of the Goddess to be her Priestess very strongly.  I will serve her to the best of my ability to help facilitate growth and light within my community and Coven.  I will help heal hurts.  I will guide.  I will mentor.  I will teach.  Now and always.

I am Amethyst Lilyth M.  I am a Priestess.  I am a woman.  I am.

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2 Comments to “Who am I?”

#1 Posted by Brianna Sasra Sidhe-Wolf (19.05.09 at 23:55 )

Sister, My sweet friend. You are a true blessing in my life. You are a Priestess and a beautiful Woman. I hope you will stand in Circle with me at my initiation. I love you ?

#2 Posted by lilyth (20.05.09 at 09:53 )

While I may miss Esbats most months and the occassional Sabbat I never under any circumstances miss initiations (unless I am really really sick and well that has never happened). Love you.