When it all falls apart

There may be times in life that everything appears to be falling apart around you. Work might be hard, home might be stressful, your free time has all but disappeared.  It seems as if you are stuck in a cycle of catching up to fall behind and thus it is never-ending.  When you are in this cycle it seems that nothing really goes ‘right’ and that you make many mistakes.  I find myself getting confused, mixing things up and sometimes missing things all together.

In order to break these cycles you have to sit down, look at the WHOLE picture of what’s going on and then prioritize then work through each task until you get them completed and implement a strategy in order to not fall into that cycle again.  In my case, I have a new schedule of how and when I do things and that includes doing things that are better for my general health and well-being.

Not quite a week ago I brought home a new member to my family.  I brought my puppy Ariyana home.  Part of my own healing process and moving forward is to get up a decent time, have my breakfast, spend some time with the cats and dog and then begin my day from a more balanced perspective.  I will work through each of my tasks in a focused manner.  I will complete tasks in a timely fashion and will still maintain my own health with breaks throughout the day for puppy training (later walking) to allow my “play” time during the day hours.

Today started much earlier than I am used to yet, it was nice having some puppy training time this morning and being able to work through a few of my Path oriented tasks.  Now I have one hour till “work” and will start a little early today so that I can get through everything that happens on Monday’s and find time to cook a dinner for my husband and I.

I have a feeling this new scheduling is going to change quite a bit about me and my own life. I am looking forward to those changes in both life and path.  Where it will lead me exactly, I do not yet know but I know which direction I am headed in and welcome those challenges.

Each day that I am gifted in this life, I am thankful for and pleased to be given the chance to both grow and teach a part of this ever changing path.  Even when things fall apart around our ears we find the courage and desire to pick things up and put them back into place and continue walking forward.  After things fall, we are never the same but changed even if in some small fashion.  Our inner alchemy has changed.  I am back on the path I belong and will continue to trod down this road, thankful for the opportunities.  The pieces are picked up and in neat piles while I determine which shelf they belong on, if they belong on one at all and getting rid of the pieces that are no longer needed, no longer serve me.

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One Comment to “When it all falls apart”

#1 Posted by Raushanna (15.11.10 at 13:15 )

You are making some amazing changes in your life!! Add to that two trips within a week of each other, and you end up with a backlog fer sher. LOL, and then working with others who dump multiple request on you *looks around innocently* doesn’t help.

You are evolving, my Sister, in ways that you did not expect to happen, even 6 months ago. You have stepped up to every challenge, whether expected or unexpected, and you have expended more than 100% of effort, each and every time, to solve issues, to heal yourself, and to get things done. And you were succesfull in my eyes, each time. Now, the challenges are new, and they are coming to you in a new way, many of them tinged with joy and love as well. *smile* After all, there is nothing like the adoration of a puppeh!!

I am here for you, always. If I can help in any way, you know where to reach me. And hopefully, even during the days where you are so busy that you can barely find the time to pee, just knowing that I’m in the background, supporting you, may help.

Hugs and much love!!