What’s in a Name

More and more lately I have been considering what is in a name.  I have a public craft name that has evolved over a period of time and reflects in many ways my growth and path.  When I started walking this path my name was given to me by my High Priest, over time it has grown and evolved based on my experiences and my path as I follow it.

I am feeling an intense need to simply and shorten my name to simply Lilyth.  While the whole of my magickal name is a piece of me, I am of the mind that I do not need to wear my names constantly as each one of them has been and will be a piece of me always.

This has been a pondering in my mind for sometime now, I just don’t want to wear more than Lilyth anymore.  It seems superfluous and in my heart I know it does not matter whether I wear bits of me on the outside as they are reflected by my nature.

What are the implications of changing this in my community? Am I by any other name the same?

Lilyth is who I am.  The other parts are a piece or a glimpse of pieces of me but Lilyth sums it up.  Do I need to have a Magickal Surname?  I am thinking not but maybe one will come later…

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One Comment to “What’s in a Name”

#1 Posted by Raushanna (01.02.10 at 20:56 )

You know what? I was just plain Raushanna for many years, through First and Second Degree training. Your name should evolve just as your “self” should evolve, and if that evolution happens by releasing the parts that aren’t “you” any more, so be it.

Blessings to you, dear Lilyth!