Weekend Goddesses

 This past week I had the opportunity to spend some time with some absolutely fantastic Witches.

 We had our annual Student Council Retreat starting last Thursday through Tuesday.  We hosted this year at Disney World, where Keith and I have a timeshare through the Disney Vacation Club.


This was the first vacation of any sorts we have been on in years and it was WORTH the wait to me.


To start I got to once again connect with Chickadee Autumn, Maiden Stormrider and Aerim Moonstone all of whom I absolutely adore and feel blessed to have them in my life in some way.  The bonus?  I finally got to meet face to face with Wiccan BlessingWolf and Brianna. 

Over the years I have witnessed each one of these fabulous witches overcome and grow.  Not excluding myself but it is amazing to put tangible energy, voices and faces to names and to be able to sit around chatting it up or out doing things.


I felt myself grow a little more while in their presence.  Over the years I have taken part of and participated in various rituals with other people.  Starting with my 1st Coven where I drew down the moon with them for the 1st time (over 12 years ago) and our regular full moon and Sabbat rituals.  Moving to solitary when that broke up with Jim’s death.


Ultimately I found Sacred Mists and a wonderful teacher in Lady Raven Moonshadow.  While I have led a number of rituals over my years with Sacred Mists they are essentially Solitary Rituals which are facilitated in a chat room where you share the experience with many others.  This can be truly fantastic and anyone who says they can’t feel anything via online rituals?  It’s because they do not allow themselves to be open to it, in my opinion.


Now during this Retreat I did have an amazing amount of personal growth and a reaffirmation that I am walking the path meant for me to walk.  One evening, as promised, we called Lady Raven Moonshadow to give her our love and chat as she was unable to make it this year due to familial and work obligations.  The plans I had for doing some Sacred Art with the group and sending that art to Lady Raven as a gift was scrubbed when we received news that our dearest brother and sister did not have good news regarding the prognosis of their newborn son.  I decided at this point to make the Sacred Art, Ritual art where we would perform a ritual of healing and strength and send all that through to them through the art we were doing.  Again this was the first ritual I have LED pretty much ever.  When I sat at the round table, hand in hand with my brothers and sisters, I led them lovingly through an impromptu ritual which contained a great deal of meaning and energy.   I felt no nervousness, I felt only love, support, strength and healing pouring through each of us.


We each crafted an Art Print from our hearts for this precious family and each added a touch to a spirit stick.  The purpose of the spirit stick is to travel through the Student Council as each of us may at any point need it to help us through our bumps and winds in our lives.  It is to remind us of our connections to one another and to allow us to share of our own strengths with those who need it.


The wood of the Spirit Stick is birch we believe from Canada.  A gift from Beavers to Wiccan BlessingWolf who in turn brought this to us to craft and decorate.


I am very proud of the art and love we created for our friends and hope that they will receive this with open minds and hearts as they walk through their troubles.

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2 Comments to “Weekend Goddesses”

#1 Posted by Wiccan (09.05.09 at 22:34 )

Very fond memories of this weekend. It took every penny I could scrape together but I needed this and hubby understood, we set apart some tax refund money not knowing what bills would eat it up but we made it work. I was not looking forward to the flight at all. First time I had travelled alone and only my 4th time on a plane.
Bri and I shared several text messages to get us through our day of travel. Once I landed I went to find her but she found me.
The minute I hugged you I felt safe. Then the excitement grew as we soon got to meet the others as they arrived. It was a very relaxed weekend for what I was expecting from nerves but in the end you all were exactly how I knew you to be at school. Very loving, caring, sensitive, fun people with hearts of gold.
I still feel emotional thinking about the news we received and the ritual we shared. But that is how witches make the best of bad situations. Sending our collective energies to those we love, harming none and all the while cementing the deep friendship, love and respect with have for each other.
I’m so very thankful that Sacred Mists brought all of you into my life. It truly is the most wonderful place that we call home.
Much Love,

#2 Posted by lilyth (13.05.09 at 19:30 )

That weekend was truly a beautiful time for me. I became so much closer to you my friend and I am forever greatful for that. Love you dearly!