Warmth of Spring

Sitting in my living room this morning, doing some ‘fun’ stuff before it’s time for me to start work is an interesting time for me.  I tend to do my online comic checks, read LiveJournal, check in a few blogs and then get my day started.  Today I am taken aback by the beauty of the day that is laid out before me and the opportunities it will bring me.

Today the sun is shining, there is a very light breeze and it’s a little warm.  Looking outside through the open sliding glass door in my living room I am struck by the beauty that is beyond the fence as I look up to the trees.  As the sun and wind dance together the leaves of the trees have an almost glittering effect as they shimmer and wave in the breeze.   The effect is caused by the movement of the leaves being shined down on by the Sun and it’s quite stunning.  it’s a beautiful reminder that even in the Urban landscape that many of us live in there is natural beauty and Divinity there for us to take in and be a part of, if you simply open your eyes to it.

If you close your eyes and listen for a moment you can hear the sound of the birds singing their songs of Spring and bringing life to the world.  Beyond that you can hear the sounds of the nearby traffic, the dogs playing and the people talking as they are out for a walk in the sun.

It is fantastic to just sit and absorb the energy of the life around you.  To take it all in and be at peace where none of the worries of life intrude.  When you can just be silent and feel.

This is the magick of Spring in South FL where I can do this with my house open, breeze flowing through it and be a part of the natural magick around me.  How wonderfully joyous!

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Posted on 9 April '10 by , under Life.