Vivid & Reassuring

Goodness it has certainly been quite sometime since I’ve been able to take a moment and post anything.  I have been horribly busy between work and home-life.  It’s amazing how quickly time flies.

At the present I am in California again, working at the store and helping with some big projects and directions that we are moving things in.  It’s all so very exciting.

Before I hopped on my plane to come here, I began a cycle of extremely vivid dreams.  VIVID and magical.  It’s not often that I enter into a dream-state that is magickal in all ways without consciously beginning to do the work before I am actually asleep.  The act of entering into a lucid dream-state has always been easy for me, even with this I do not do this without conscious effort, in general.  The dreams leading up to my trip required no effort or will on my part, yet they were incredibly lucid.  Often these dreams would remain with me throughout the day.

I should have written these dreams down but alas I did not, I remember specific acts of conjuration and magickal will.  Something inside me seemed to unlock, to come back to the surface of my spirit that I was unsure still existed.  I discovered within myself the abilities long denied and forgotten in gemstone magick and divination.  My empathic states have been extremely sensitive and my clear channel requiring a cleaning more than once a day.

You may be asking what a clear channel is and I will write about that separately, probably tomorrow or so.  In short, it’s a practice in which I no longer shield myself from energies, but allow myself to feel the energies and emotions of those around me.  It can be quite overwhelming sometimes but it’s worth the extra connections to the world around me.

Yet again, I have begun to babble on and on.  There is much on my mind right now and little direction to put all that in.  For now the stream of consciousness will continue with whatever comes across my fingertips. 😉

I’ve been looking at new gemstones and minerals again as well as working with new gemstones and minerals in the form of beads.  There is nothing like touching and working with the natural energies of the Earth through gemstones and minerals.  When I can take a  series of beads and turn them into a work of art that someone enjoys, this brings me great joy.  By connecting to the energies of the beads I can give purpose to these small pieces of Earthly life to gift to another person.

When combined with sharing these creations via Sacred Mists Shoppe, I must admit that there is no greater joy than knowing these gifts are being felt and received by people who find their way to us.

OK it’s really late I guess I should go to bed like for really real finally and see what Thursday will hold for me when I wake.

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