Time keeps slippin’

There are so many things on my mind these days from the state of things at home to family to my spiritual commitments and joys.

This holiday season started out a little later than I expected it to at work and strengthened quickly and in bursts of OMG.  It has left me with very little time to spend with my friends and family yet somehow the important things are tended to.

I have officially moved upstairs into the ‘office’ area, with an altar set up on my desk. This is what the altar area proper looked like when I first built it out.  It’s a little different now with some added stones, an altar tile, my wand, snuffer and some feather flowers.  Burning is my Yule Log Pillar.  It’s my favorite Yule Candle and I get one every year from Sacred Mists Shoppe.  They are sold out now but they are fantastic, a definite good candle for next year.  Anyway you can see the corner of my Bone Finish Freya Statue on the right.  My oils are put away into the oil cupboard next to my monitor now too. 🙂

All in all it’s nice to have a nicer desk altar than what I had downstairs and my stone shelf is simply amazing too.   Everyday I am able to feel the connection to my path a little more deeply and my inspiration for “Things I want to do” is growing more and more specific and fine-tuned.

Time is the one thing we all crave and swear there is never enough of it.  I myself fall into that trapping.  The truth of it is, time is finite and we never know exactly how long we have.  With all that in mind I am working towards  spending every moment in the now, living and infusing my life with spirit, joy and sharing that with everyone that I can.

I guess my thought for rambling today is that…I knew 2010 would be a year of transformations.  Transformation is never easy as it does often involve a bit of destruction in the process.

From the ashes of 2010 I will rise and continue to grow and *be* that which I am and that which I shall be.

Every step I take is with the Goddess at my side. We are constantly moving forward. Together we are invincible.
~Sirona Knight, Goddess Bless!

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One Comment to “Time keeps slippin’”

#1 Posted by Linda M Velazquez (27.12.10 at 15:48 )

Thank you for this article. I have been needing some inspiration. It’s beautiful and fills my heart with joy ~ that one day soon I will recreate the altar I once had that made me feel the same way. Blessed Be!