Time flies

I am sitting here, again in Napa at the home of my best friend.  It’s late at night and my time here is coming to an end as I fly home, what is now later today.

It seems that as each trip comes upon me and then leaves me as I return home, I leave pieces of myself here.  One of the things that I have noticed is that I seem to lose my balance a little bit.  I do not know if this is because in part that I am not in my home with  my own things and surroundings or if it simply because I try to stuff a massive amount of project work into a short period of time.

There are things that I must do each day to keep things flowing and I end up juggling them as I work through projects and other priorities.  This is not a bad thing really.

I started this post last night/early this morning.  Now I am sitting in the airport wiating on time to board and reflecting on my trip a little more.

Each visit I feel like I am leaving bits of myself behind, this is no less true this time than another.  In fact it might be moreso as I have left altar pieces for bedside altar, and my favorite Amethyst stone that has been with me since my first High Priest died many many years ago.

During this trip I managed to work on several projects including some rather large ones that involved roll out of a new Herbalist Course, site reduction, product categorization for in the store, tending to a sick bestie AND making incredibly magickal items which will be unveiled soon in the store (both online and offline I hope).

As Lady Raven and I filled pots, mixed scents, conjured magick, the energy became palpable, the intention thick in the air and pots.  We manifested beautiful things, I am very excited for how they came out.

In the dead of the night when I am able to ponder and and try to make sense of the day that has gone before me all that transpired, the magick created.

I started this entry while I was in Napa still and am finally finding the time to finish it.

Each trip is a catalyst to massive change in my life.  I look in the mirror everyday and see someone different than the day before.  I find gaps in my work day that I can close.  I find ways I can improve myself, my communication and relationships with others.  I simply evolve.

It has been a long time since I have posted and I hope to amend that and post more frequently and more regularly with things happening in my life, things that I am doing and more about my path.

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