The Great Work

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The Great Work (Latin: Magnum opus) is a term which originated in medieval European alchemy which refers to the successful completion of the transmutation of base matter into gold or the creation of the philosopher’s stone. It has subsequently been used as a metaphor for spiritual transformation in the Hermetic tradition. It originally had four stages:

nigredo (-putrefactio), blackening(-putrefaction): corruption, dissolution, individuation, see also Suns in alchemy – Sol Niger
albedo, whitening: purification, burnout of impurity; the moon, female
citrinitas, yellowing: spiritualisation, enlightenment; the sun, male;
rubedo, reddening: unification of man with god, unification of the limited with the unlimited.
After the 15th century, many writers tended to compress citrinitas into rubedo and consider only three stages.

However, it is in citrinitas that the Chemical Wedding takes place, generating the Philosophical Mercury without which the Philosopher’s Stone, triumph of the Work, could never be accomplished.

Within Thelema, the Great Work is generally defined as those spiritual practices leading to the mystical union of the Self and the All.

The Great Work is the uniting of opposites. It may mean the uniting of the soul with God, of the microcosm with the macrocosm, of the female with the male, of the ego with the non-ego.~Aleister Crowley

Each person this Great Work will be in a different form.

My own Great Work is fused within my daily life, not to be separated but integrated fully and beautifully.

I compare the Great Work to alchemy of the spirit and soul.  Each of us goes through several transformative processes in our lives that lead us through much growth and to a place where our growth can best be suited.

The Alchemy of my Spirit has led me to Sacred Mists where I have undergone so much growth and change I am scarcely the same person I was when I stumbled upon the doorstep.

I have cast off the illusions of who I thought I was, who I wanted to be and discovered who I am.  I have discovered my place in the web of this life and what my Great Work revolves around the Coven I found in Sacred Mists.  I have  a deep calling and desire to teach and bring magick and the spirit of Wicca to people who are seeking it.

In order to continue this, I must continue to push myself sprititually beyond my comfort zones of working online but involving myself with the local communities and shoppes.

Over the last 8 years I have spent at Sacred Mists I have developed and rediscovered the magick of the natural world, of myself and a great confidence in myself that runs deeper than physical but to my very core.

My Great Work is simply to continue to grow and interact with those who seek.  To continue working with Sacred Mists to grow the programs to the next Progressive levels carrying the Tradition, the School, the Circle and the Coven forward.

My calling to the Goddess is deep.  This is where my spirit belongs.  My passion for life is ever-expanding.

Today, I will take this to the next step by working on the Degree Programs, enhancing them.  I will make more time to write out my thoughts.  I will share my thoughts, my passion and my magick with those around me.

Today I smile and the world smiles with me, the Goddess is Alive in me and Magick is afoot.

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4 Comments to “The Great Work”

#1 Posted by Raushanna (28.03.10 at 00:06 )

I must tell you, my Sister, this post has ended up to be an amazingly powerful synchronistic event for me. LOL, I bought a book on alchemy about eight months ago, and read it and thought that it was cool, but felt no visceral connection to my own Path at this moment. But BAM! This morning, certain words of your post actually glowed as I read them. I have been re-reading my book on alchemy, and this time the information in it is relevant. Oh boy, is it relevant.

Thank you for this, Lilyth. Thank you for posting about the Great Work, and thank you for being the light in the dark for me, once again. *smile* You are real good at that, and I am grateful!!

Hugs and love!!

#2 Posted by Lilyth (29.03.10 at 12:11 )

Raush, I am so glad that my post struck a resonance with you. I do not know the technical aspects of Alchemy only what I know instinctively on how the transformation process works and what I have read on it thus far.

As I walk this path more and more each day I truly feel a deeper connection to some people that I walk along with. You are truly one such person my sister.

#3 Posted by Raushanna (29.03.10 at 20:06 )

*smile* I will continue to share what I discover on my blog, and on my Student Council Journal. And the cool thing is that I have already paid your gift forward. A friend of mine who follows my blog telephoned me this evening after reading the last couple of posts, asking for what amounted to a spiritual consultation regarding the three steps of psychological alchemy because they seemed to resonate for her. LOL, there are Dark Nights happening all over the place.

Your instincts are right on the money!!!

Hugs and love!!

#4 Posted by Yemaya Olokun (06.04.10 at 00:31 )

MM dear sister,
I’m so very proud of you…you have worked so very long and hard to be where you are, and I know you will never cease to work and learn. To me, you have been a great inspiration ever since I joined the Mists and you are a great example of an HPS…a leader, an example, down to earth and loving and always with a kind word of encouragement. You are so dearly loved, and your words meant a lot to me today on my own Third Degree journey. I know that I am in no hurry (for once in my life… mundane life I am somewhat impatient, but not when it comes to my spiritual life) to complete my spiritual training…I want to live it to the fullest and to the richest point, and fully want to do all of the work and all of the life experience necessary. I also plan to do Elder training and Adept training after my 3rd, but always expected my 3rd to take as long as I needed, and for that to be a long while. I , too, have had other experiences before the Mists and I value those, but I think that I need to be able to be an HPS in my own accord of the Mists comfortably to hold a 3rd Degree here, and I am in no rush to get there. I fully expect and want to work my lil tail off, too!
I love you dearest sister and feel so grateful, every day, for each one of you at the are my spiritual home and family.
I will be bursting with pride when you are our first 3rd Degree HPS in the online coven…you are going to be a fine HPS.
Yemaya Olokun.?