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Michelle Taylor
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Earth, air, fire, water, and sometimes spirit – the elements regarded by almost all religions as necessary to life and in some cases containing great power.

In some of the Pagan and Wiccan rituals earth, air, fire, and water are called upon to perform spells and rituals. Especially in Druidism the elements are very important- connecting with the earth and feeling the nature as it relates with each of us.

Even in Christianity the elements are mentioned.

Adam was created by God from the Earth, and when we die we return to the earth. And after God created Adam’s body He breathed life into him. The Holy Trinity is made up of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; and each person is given a spirit when he is created.

Then just looking at it from a scientific standpoint; the body is made up of 60% water (in the average adult male – it can vary from 45 – 70 depending on fat volume). And a person can only live about 3-4 days without water.

We also need heat. The discovery of fire has long been touted as man’s first great discovery – and his first step towards becoming the modern man we are today. Hypothermia (the loss of the body’s core temperature) – can be deadly if the body loses more than 9 degrees (dropping to 89.9 degrees). On the other hand, damage can occur with hyperthermia – the rising of the body’s temperature above 104 degrees.

We obviously need air. While we can survive 4-6 weeks without food (depending on our body’s fat composition) and 2-3 days without water, we can only go 3 minutes without oxygen.

Earth is a little more esoteric. The food we eat comes from the earth; vegetables, fruit, grains- or the meat we eat has survived on the food from the earth. Imagine when you were a child and you would roll down the hill during the summer. You would get dirty, collect flower puffs, blow on them and make wishes, and climb trees. In other words, you were totally one with the earth – and there was an energy there that most of us miss as adults stuck in brick building with fluorescent lighting.

Spirit – this is the internal essence of us all; the part that makes us unique. Opposable thumbs make us different from other mammals. Intelligence and deduction make us different from apes. But it is spirit that makes us different from one another, that makes us who we are. It is indefinable, but undeniable.

And how long can we survive without Spirit, without hope? Maybe we do on the outside for years, but internally – less time than we can without air. Think of the last time someone you loved hurt you badly or took your hope away. It is like feeling dead, like walking through the day with no spirit.

No matter what religion you adhere to – you need these five elements. And paying attention to them, and giving them the time and attention they deserve can help bring a peace and centeredness to your life. So the next time you take a vacation – give yourself to nature, and get in touch with the elements. Have a picnic next to a stream, make a sandcastle, and build a fire to make s’mores in the evening.

And sleep with peaceful dreams that night.

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