Aff-StrengthIt’s interesting when little synchronicities show up in life.  When joking around about the state of life this morning with my good friend Judy, she was all “just use your mad magic skills to fix it, be all like bippity boppity boo and shit”, pretty funny really.  I’ve been up for hours and hours and it’s about time for some caffeine so I pulled my card and I pulled Strength.

I laughed, out loud when I saw the card.  First it’s beautiful but the timing was well, amusing and the affirmation…added to it.  On the card it reads “I wisely use my life-force energy to create and direct my good work in the world”.

I am modifying today’s affirmation, surprise, to “I wisely use my energy to create and direct good in the world around me.  I manifest in my life strength, prosperity and wisdom”  I am going all encompassing with this one as there are a great number of changes that are on the horizon looming at me and taunting me.  I had a fairly decent weekend but still found myself stressed out yesterday pretty hard over the state of work and life right now.

It’s the 2nd week of December and I’ve not set my Yule Altar, I’ve not decorated the house at all.  After Thanksgiving last  year I had decorated and took everything down at New Year.  At the rate my “bah humbug” is currently eroding into life, there will be no decorations.  It’s not that I don’t want to do it, I just can’t find the energy to devote to the process.  I don’t want to even participate in Yule right now at all.  I am participating but my personal energy is lagging on it pretty far behind everyone else right now.  Maybe this week I will use this affirmation and just get it done.

Changing the affirmation again… “I wisely use my energy to create and direct cheer and holiday tidings in the world around me.  I manifest joy, strength, prosperity and wisdom”.  Yes that should do it.

Are you lagging in the holiday cheer right now?  Let me know and let’s kick it together!

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3 Comments to “Strength”

#1 Posted by PhoenixIndigoEmber (09.12.13 at 16:58 )

*Hugs* I totally know where your coming from! I have renamed it Grinchmas this side of the pond – just can’t feel the usual Yule spirit or get into any of the excitement this year – I have decided to let myself be and instead of pressurising myself I am allowing myself to relax – when I can that is! X

#2 Posted by PhoenixIndigoEmber (09.12.13 at 19:46 )

Tried to leave a comment earlier but phone didn’t feel like it lol! I just can’t feel the Yule spirit this year at all – it feels…missing for lack of a better word so I have renamed it Grinchmas and I’m just doing what I can – I think if we get all stressed it will just make us feel even LESS in the mood for the time of year!

#3 Posted by LilythAmiciaMinnig (11.12.13 at 12:14 )

PhoenixIndigoEmber I agree absolutely about the stresses weighing on us making us less joyful of the season.  One thing that I am working actively to combat this is forcing myself into situations where I am social.  For some reason, right now, being around people I care about is helping me immensely work through the stresses of life.  Work is absolutely bonkers with shipping gal still out but I will make it through.  I said to a friend this morning, “while it is important for us to walk through the shadows in life, we can get stuck there, throw a fit, cry, rant and rail then move forward”.  At the end of the day we are the only one who can truly help ourselves but we can dig into our toolbox of goodies and do it around others.  It’s hard for me right now but I am crawling out of the hole steadily.  I feel that come Yule itself, the light will find it’s focus on me and things will get better.  Perhaps…as we delve deeper into our path we become more in tune with the seasons and this is, after all, the dark season and a time for introspection.  The holiday festivities are exactly the opposite of what the season means to me spiritually.  By the time the festivities start…the light will begin growing.  Maybe, just maybe we are in tune with that and when the sun hits zenith on Yule we will feel the difference and start smiling more.