Solar Return…

Yesterday, I celebrated my Solar Return.  I tend to not really have big celebrations on the Anniversary of my birth as I prefer to spend it with my wonderful hubby doing fun things that he and I share or a nice dinner out or something equally sedate.

Many people set resolutions based on either Samhain or New Years Day, I prefer to set my GOALS by my birthday. 😉 No one ever said I conformed to normalcy.

Goals for my 2010 year ending on 4/12/2011 (the day before my birthday):

a) Complete my Third Degree Work (shooting for Beltane this year which gives me two more weeks to wrap up my last lesson).

b) Complete the work for my Reiki Course and become Master Attuned by Samhain 2010

c) Increase my product line

d) Become Crystal Healer Certified

e) Expand my knowledge of Aromatherapy

f) Begin the Historical Paganism Class I am enrolled in

g) Learn Elder Futhark Runes

h) Expand my knowledge of Tarot

i) Begin Local New or Full Moon Esbats

It’s an impressively large list; however, I think that it is all quite doable.  I look forward to the challenges that this brings me and the knowledge from it.  Everyday I grow a little more into the Priestess I want to be and know I can be.

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2 Comments to “Solar Return…”

#1 Posted by Raushanna (15.04.10 at 17:09 )

I think your list is awesome!! How exciting; finishing up your Third Degree Training . . . congratulations!

#2 Posted by Lilyth Avexyn (15.04.10 at 18:17 )

Raushanna, thank you so much. I am very excited about my list and am really looking forward to implementing it and sharing it 🙂