Sleepless Night

It’s interesting to me that I have been awake now for a couple of hours.  I was awakened by noises in the bedroom and by the sheets touching me.  Now I realize this sounds strange.  It happens to me from time to time though.  I will wake up without any real reason and my skin will be ultra-sensitive and my hearing sharpened.  I have not figured out what causes it.  Tonight I took an extra benadryl and well it’s finally starting to calm down after a couple of hours. I could not focus on anything really so I futzed around with my blog design and came up with a couple of new ones.

This week has been rather interesting thus far.  Tuesday it was upset stomach of doom, that still is lingering with me.  I can’t figure out what the cause of it really is so I am being gentle with what I am eating and so far so good, no repeat episodes.  Wednesday the upset lingered then followed up with the skin and hearing sensitivity.  It’s making getting through this week rather interesting all around for me.

As we continue down the path of health and peace at home, we watched our first movie on our new TV.  We, of course, are using the X-Box for a dvd player and well it was an interesting experience.  We’ve not owned a TV for several years now and I am not about to watch TV on cable (bleah) but an occassional movie after work seems reasonable.  We decided to watch Serenity tonight for the millionth time.  What a difference this new tv is.  The textures were more crisp, colors more vivid it was amazing and was complete immersion.  To test a theory we got a True Blood s1 disc out and popped it in, half way through Serenity.  To find the same immersion that we saw in Serenity.

So now it’s morning and I managed to get a little sleep between the above and this part of my post.  I am still feeling a bit on the unwell side but I will manage to make it through the day and still rock out to getting everything done that is on my list today PLUS get moving on the new course we are going to offer by Courtney Weber on Spellcrafting.  Very EXCITING new class.  For now I think I am going to just read some homework and make my notes for a bit then get to work maybe a little early.

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