Sickness & Spiritality

For many years I have been trained to push myself.  Push harder and faster and be the best at everything I can possibly be good at.

This has, on several occassions been my downfall.  I have what I call my Wonder Woman complex.  I take on too much, don’t let things go and become a rabid dog if you try to take away what is ‘mine’.  It’s a bad habit really that I have been working on breaking because I do not have to be everyone’s everything.  I can simply be me and that will have to be enough.

How does this apply here?  Knowing when to say I need something.  For the last few days I have been feeling unwell.  Normally I will not stop, askfor help or even slow down much when I get sick.  This often complicates things for me leading to furthering my illness whatever it is and often leads me to some internal spirtual pain because I end up requiring medications to help heal my body.  By taking most of the medications (not natural remedies) I end up partially disconnected from spirit.

Now where am I going with all this?  I am once again suffering from a Respiratory Cold of some kind.  AGAIN in the chest.  Something si going on and I need to solve it.

In talking with Lady Raven we have decided to approach this on two fronts together.  I am truly blessed to have her to help guide me.

Before leaving the house I am going to work on boosting my immune system by taking a Zicam or something similar.  If I can booste my system it is our hope that I will be abe to not get sick so often.  I know in part my immune system is not healthy after working in a ‘sick’ building for nearly 10 years.  it will take time.  Being able to work from home in a spiriually wonderful environment helps keep my spirits up.  I know given some time it will be vastly improved.  I need to learn patience.

Posted on 8 August '08 by , under Life.