Shadow Questing with the Full Moon

Here is the Shadow Quest meditation that I will be doing tonight with the Full Moon.  This is as previously mentioned adapted from one I wrote for the Third Degree Lessons which was adapted from another meditation I had printed out many years ago for inclusion in my book of shadows.  This quest resonates very deeply with me as a personal journey to overcome emotions which do not benefit my life and path as I walk it.  I will post tomorrow what the outcome of my meditation is and any lessons that I uncover.

Without further adieu here is the meditation I will be using:

When the sun goes down I will find myself a quiet place to visit, light a candle for meditation, some incense and quiet.  Likely no music at all beyond ‘white noise’ so that i can go deeply into this meditation.

You find yourself standing before a very large and ancient tree in the midst of a wooded area.  There is a very thick door, tightly wedged, heavy upon it’s hinges, and extremely difficult to pry open, as it is slightly skewed in it’s hanging, resting within the trunk of this ancient tree.  You know that this is a natural doorway that is but covered with this hinged beast of a door; however, you work at trying to get this door open.  It is very difficult to open.  But with your determination you continue working at it until the door is opened.   Once opened you see a dimly lit staircase that descends deep into the Earth itself.  To the right of the door on the stone, flower and vine wall you see a lit torch.  You take this torch from the wall sconce for illumination.

Descend down the stairs that you see before you.  Somehow you know the way now, down and down you go, the staircase is made from stone and as you proceed further down you notice that the stone flower and vine walls turn to stone and heavily rooted walls and you know you are descending deeper into the Earth. You reach the bottom and before you is an empty room, void of any furnishings, decorations or life other than your own.  You stand there for a moment in the center of the room just looking around, wondering why you are led to this room. This room is not large maybe 20 feet on a side almost square but not quite. It is shaped out of stone and root just like the stairs that lead back up the tunnel.  You may need to move around the room a little to ensure torchlight reaches all the corners of the room for your inspection of the room.

You are absolutely alone in this strange empty room with stone walls.  One of the far walls grasps your attention and you begin to walk towards it.  Shining your torchlight on this wall, you notice that it does not look right.   It seems to be set wrong but you are not sure in what manner it looks wrong, it just is. You start to push against the wall.  Gentrly you push at first and you feel it start to give, so you push harder and it falls backward and slams hard against the floor into the room that was behind it. Slowly you step  into this room and see several shadowy figures.  You recognize each one of them, you know them.  They look at you and they know you.

Each shadowy figure represents a part of your Shadow-Self, an aspect of yourself that remains shrouded and in part responsible for upheavals that you undergo.  This wall that they were behind, is the partition that is in all of us, it’s what segregates our rational mind from our irrational where fears, anger, frustrations and other unhealthy emotions reside. Each emotion rules a small part of your every action.  Walk through this room with your torch and know that one of these shadows will be conquered today and become a part of the whole person and healthy as you seek out the source of your recent frustration or anger.  Stare into each of their eyes and choose your fear wisely.  Once you have chosen your shadow you will take your shadow by the hand.  Lead your shadow to another part of the room.  Your shadow may resist you, your other shadows may incite fear into you that you cannot do this.  Take a deep breath and know in your heart and spirit you can in fact do this.  Once you have walked away from the other shadows, sit down with your shadow.  Speak to your shadow.  Tell your shadow that it will hold you back no longer, it will not rule your life for you know that beyond comes life, light and balance.  Stare into the eyes of your shadow, allow it’s life to fill you up completely.  Learn and know it’s motivation, it’s center, it’s roots.  See them and slowly accept your shadow into yourself.  Hold your hands palm facing your shadow before you.  Your shadow will touch your palms together so that you sit palms facing one another, deeply in touch with one another.  Begin to breath slowly and deeply, your shadow will join you in this breathing exercise, continue breathing deeply and evenly with your eyes closed.  After a short time has passed, you feel relaxed and at peace,  you open your eyes and look around you.

There is only yourself standing down there now. You feel a sense of completeness, wholeness, and release. You have absorbed your shadow into yourself and transformed that shadow into acceptance and balance.  The room which lay behind is no longer a barren room but a lit room with a comfortable seat and fire burning and a door has been placed where the wall used to hold your shadow.  For just a moment take a seat and enjoy the fire in the heart of the Earth.  You are filled with peace and balanced light.  When you are ready you head back up the stairs.

The Tree and the Door is now a Pathway within. It is possible to use this path to go deeper into your own soul and overcome all your fears and integrate their light and wisdom to the whole. It has now become a bottomless well of remembering and wisdom. As the ancient saying goes, “Know thyself, and know the World”

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One Comment to “Shadow Questing with the Full Moon”

#1 Posted by Raushanna (29.04.10 at 11:21 )

Every single person I know is feeling as if they are wading upstream in a river with a strong downstream current and unseen boulders that unexpectedly change the force and flow of the water. Some absolutely amazing “shift” must be coming, because we are all being asked to strengthen our “focus muscles,” our “awareness muscles,” and our connection to our Will and our personal energy field.

WolfSong recommended a good book to me last weekend that you might enjoy: “Owning Your Own Shadow” by Robert A. Johnson, which she recommended after I told her I was reading Raven Digitalis’s book on Shadow workings. You and I are certainly traveling parallel Paths, my Sister!