Sacred Mists, a sense of Community

Over the last several years I have been growing into a Community. While it is true this Community is an online Community I’ve been growing into it, with it and because of it.

I have been a member, student, teacher, and administrator in varying capacities and at varying times for Sacred Mists now for just over 7 years. I have been with Sacred Mists since its beginning online 7 years ago as it started from the ashes of the defunct and dying Crystal Waterfall School & Community.

In the 7 years I have been there I have undergone an immense amount of personal and spiritual growth. These growth spurts and events have not been easy at all but each and every one of them has been valuable and worth the effort I put into those events.

There has been a lot of talk on the ‘net’ about people who teach and learn from an online school or community rather than from someone locally. There is also a lot of talk about whether or not it should be free or not. I have been paying for my Spiritual Education for the last many years completely by my own choice and do not regret a single dollar spent on it. I consciously made the choice to go down this path and route. My very boundaries tested and On the otherside of those challenges I emerge wiser for having experienced them.

I have a great community filled with people I have never met and many I may never meet that support me in my growth and are there for me at all the twists and turns this path takes me.

Understand please that I do know that my chosen path is not for everyone. While yes I do feel connections via the internet and can feel a shift in energy when in a Chatroom Ritual and can feel the energy of others who have come to the Ritual with me, not everyone can. This is a very challenging thing to do online and simply is not for everyone and I understand that and harbor them no ill-will nor do I look down upon them because they do not or cannot feel comfortable in my chosen path. The fact remains that their path lies elsewhere and I wish them abundance of life and growth and love in their path.

Over my years at Sacred Mists I have held many positions of varied degrees of Leadership to further my own growth challenges. I have been a board facilitator on many boards, I have been a mentor, I have been a teacher, I have been a Director of Leadership, a Student Council Member and Administrator. The positions I have been in have allowed me to develop curriculum, to help others in the school find their way around, I led the entire leadership team until such a time when the rigors of my new job as Administrator and Shoppe Services did not allow me to continue on. I currently remain a Student Council Member and Administrator for both School and our online Shoppe. Every day I work very hard to bring quality to those who desire and demand it of the School and Shoppe. I do not always succeed in bringing that to every single person but I strive to achieve it. I have worked for Sacred Mists now for one year and 2 months. I left a job in a Corporate Dot Com that paid me extremely well, took a pay cut and found happiness in my job. I feel like I am doing something to help the Community. I feel good about that.

I love my community and every student in it, past and present. I wish everyone that they achieve their goals, find love and blessings in their path no matter what that path may be. If you are a past member and disagree with me, I welcome your opinion and appreciate your opinion. If you are a present member and want to see change, I welcome your feedback and will do everything I can to improve things for you. I will never squelch or censor what is posted here in my blog, I will always answer it if an answer is warranted or requested.

Again this is my personal growth blog and I will always share my thoughts of my community with open honesty and love. I respect my community, I have grown thanks to my community at Sacred Mists.

Well this turned out to be rather long and rambly. For anyone reading this, sorry about that.

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