Rune, Runes?

Well today’s reading started out as typically it would with the shaking and massaging of the little velvet bag.  I pulled out a rune. o.O nope tossed it back in because I must not have shaked it up enough (same rune as yesterday).  Pulled out a rune.  Nope same rune was clearly meant to have another day of the Waves or Communication Rune.

When I was setting my bag down the Moon Crescent dropped out so I put that with the Waves.

Today’s lesson or work is clearly compounded with the drawing of two runes today.  The Moon is for Inspiration or Psychic Awareness.  The ability to create what I want, to see my true wishes and desires.

Hmmmm…interesting.  I guess today will be a good day for me to actually begin further work on my 3rd Degree Lessons in addition to starting the proposal process ofr a class I want to write on Body Mechanics and Magick.  Today is a day of Creation!  Today I will write, create and Inspire!

Pictures will be added later

Posted on 29 May '09 by , under Training.