Quick Draw – 12/17 – 6 of Swords

Too long since I have had time to sit and write about my daily draws, it was SO busy for me with the holidays and the nuttiness surrounding them.

Today like all days I took a few minutes to sit down and draw a card for myself.

I lean away from traditional meanings with this deck (Tarot of the Secret Forest) as they do not seem to work quite as well given the intense imagery and I work with an intuitive standpoint.

The 6 of Swords came up today and what a lonely looking card this is.  You stand at one end of a winding road, which looks more like a winding river, that continues on into the horizon where it seemingly disappears near a body of water that the journey.  It’s oddly fitting that this road appears to be more of a forest banked river as it evokes a great many emotions in me as I look at this card.  I see a journey in which emotions flow freely and bring me to the ending of one chapter of my path or life and I begin a new chapter.

I see the complex interconnections that wind through and over this river, people will join me and branch off themselves either on land or by water.  What a fascinating journey I will have.

Today I believe I will work within the element of water.  Water for me is a balance counter point.  My primary element is fire and instead of extinquishing me water but balances me out, allows me to find my center and simply live in the moment.

For today I simply am.  I am the embodiment of Spirit, of Goddess and Life.  I create, I live, I am.

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#1 Posted by Raushanna (17.12.09 at 15:17 )

In my research on Water, I found out that water is an end-product of combustion, and was probably made when the stars were made. Water destroys Fire but it is made by Fire as well. That means in a sense, your burning Fire creates its own counterbalance. How cool is that?!