Quick Draw – 12/4 – 5 of Swords

As per normal I am drawing with my Tarot of the Secret Forest deck a single card. I am using intuition only to interpret the card and find my lesson for the day and write an affirmation to work with.

Today’s card is the 5 of Swords. Pictured in this card is a porcupine standing behind a small mound facing out tentatively to the ground around him.

In this card I see fear, sadness and the desire to hide. In each of these it is not immediately a “bad” card or a bad drawing but shows that an aspect of the self is fearful of being torn asunder should people see who you are and not agree or like something.

I view this card as a way to see and honor the self without fear. It’s a reminder that I am who I am and to hell with anyone who doesn’t like me as it does not change who I am or change that I am a good person.

Today’s affirmation:
I am not in fear of shining, I am a beautiful person!

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Posted on 4 December '09 by , under Growth, Life, Tarot.