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The path to personal growth requires that we know what we are called to heal and what we are not called to heal or fix.

We must never divide ourselves into good & bad or light & dark.  One simply cannot exist without the other, as witches in the service of our Goddesses and Gods, this is something we learn and come to know intimately, as an old friend.  We learn to care for our shadow as an important aspect of who we are.  Our younger self helps us with this through symbolism.  We are guided to grow and gain balance.  The symbolism the younger self uses may be interpreted to facilitate this growth.  These communications may be done through sensuality, art, dreams, vivid images such as jokes, irrational impulses and physical sensations.

It is important that we do not try to “improve” the self.  By thinking we need to improve ourselves, we are in essence saying we are not good enough in some way.  The same can be applied when trying to “correct” a painful, embarrassing or unhealthy habit.

Instead of trying to “improve” or “break bad habits”, you should instead discover habits or patterns that are healthier and more fun than the old.  Here you can seek guidance from both your younger and deep selves.  This guidance can be done via Sacred Art, Sacred Movement, Meditation, Shamanic Journey or Vision Questing.  During these events you allow yourself to be receptive to the growth you are looking for.

Remembering to take care when asking a question or stating your intention in inner workings and healings such as through Meditation, Shadow Quests or Shamanic Journey.  If you are not specific in your intention or are not honest with yourself regarding your intention your results will make little sense if any results appear at all.  As you continue down your chosen Path, you will be guided to heal yourself.  The key here is healing yourself to allow you to grow and evolve as a Spirit and Person.

An example of a healing could be that you wish to bridge a gap in a relationship with a family member.  This family member (or friend or lover) may have caused you emotional pain, distress or even physical pain and distress.  In order to heal your spirit and the relationship you must let go of the harmful emotions surrounding this person.  Not only must you let go but you must replace it with something of benefit to you and the relationship.  You cannot remove an emotion without replacing it with one more useful to you or more healthy one.

There may come a time when your growth may be stalled or something that causes you a great deal of stress will not go away.  Something to remember is that if the same thing keeps coming up, time and time again, there is a lesson that you have missed in the original ‘telling’ of it.  Sometimes, that lesson may be as simple as learning to let go of the situation.  Evaluating the lesson that is presented may be filled with drama and emotional pain.  In the end, your growth from it will make you more wise and a stronger Spirit and Person.

Walking my Path has led me down many darkened alleyways where I am confronted with myself, my shadow or some other unpleasant lesson that I absolutely needed to learn.  Running away is not an option for me.  Ignoring it is also not an option for me.  It is not in my nature to do either of those.  I simply push on.  Often stressed beyond belief until I have that “a ha” moment that changes it for me and allows me to see more clearly.  These lessons have given me a voice.  They have shown me my own growth, personal power and shown me how to use my voice.  The newly found boost in confidence allows me to hang on tight through the rapids and float along peacefully when clear of the rapids.

Sometimes you can’t heal everything in your life.  It’s those times that you have to simply let go of the unhealthy issue, thought, emotion, person, whatever and move on so that you can grow and get out of the vortex in the rapids.

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#1 Posted by Beryl Sam (17.04.10 at 18:58 )

Thanks for this priceless post. As a committed buddhist, recreation specialist plus Yoga lover, I actually adore the quantity of work you’ve set into this post. Found it throughout Google so I really hope, other people will find it as precious as I do.