Perception & Awareness

Working within the 365 Goddess book has been interesting thus far and today’s Goddess is Jana.  Her theme’s are Lunar Energy and Perception with her symbols being the Moon, Silver or shiny items.  Jana is a Roman goddess, whose name means “luminous sky,” as we continue working in Goddess energy this year we are extending our insight and awareness and move ahead.  She is strongly associated with Juno & Diana.  Her traditional offerings include wine, incense and barley.

To get her attention and assistance today wear a piece of silver jewelry (or silver-toned) or silver colored clothing.  Ms. Telesco offers this working in her book:

For increased discernment to guide your actions in the months ahead, go outside with a silver-toned coin.  Hold this coin to the moon, saying:

Jana, through the darkness and through the day,
Light my path and guide my way.

Carry this token with you, touch it, recite the incantation anytime you feel your judgement wavering.

moonI pulled, fascinatingly the Moon card for my affirmation card today which reads “I use my intuition & intelligence to guide me at all times”.  Today, as the moon waxes to full I will invoke lunar energies throughout the day.  It’s overcast here today so the sky is filled with gray.  I am wearing light gray pants today for my silver clothing and will wear a silver necklace or ring as well.  My goals for today’s working will be simple and hopefully felt across through to my friends.  Tonight into the fire a gray piece of paper will be tossed.  I will write and weave in a web format (I’ve found that working with spells in this way is most fascinating and will have to write about it later) a blessing of peace and healing by the light of the moon with a weaving of awareness to events and blessings in our every day lives.  The wording will be figured into the web itself.  Once it’s completed I will visualize with a cone of Arabian Jasmine Incense burning then throw the paper into the fireplace.

To further facilitate the energies that Jana offers, I will work with my intuition throughout the day and weave peaceful lunar energies into every keystroke and phone call.  May you find the blessings of Jana in your day and the light of the moon comforting.

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