Opportunity Knocks

Do you answer the door?

Do you recognize the knock?

Like many people I find myself often in the dark until some synchronistic event triggers a warning knock in my head that will turn on the lights and help me realize that Opportunity is indeed knocking on my door.

One such situation can be seen in how I act when faced with some sort of adversity.  Most recently with the start of Mercury Retrograde today coupled with a very emotional me thanks to my Monthly Cycle which follows the Full Moon (also yesterday) I have been extremely quiet in general.  I keep to myself, I do my job, I spend time with students and fellow Leadership.  I speak from my heart and spirit with truth and grace. Somehow yet again, I have become  the focus of a rather negative smear campaign, by a former student of Sacred Mists who is posting volumes of untruths about Sacred Mists leadership, attacking both personally and organizationally.   I am facing this challenge with grace and light as is befitting my path as a Priestess of Sacred Mists and a Servant to my Goddess.

In this latest, it seems as if it is assumed the Vacation (which is our annual group retreat) in which I went on last year with several of my fellow Student Council Members was “treated” to this retreat, which of course implies that it was “paid for” by Sacred Mists.  This is simply not the truth.  Truth is, the retreat was paid for by each member and was hosted by me at my timeshare which was purchased many years ago when I worked for a large corporate dot com company before the dot com bubble burst. This was a way we were able to save money because we utilized an existing available location rather than spending money on hotel or vacation rental accommodations that would also have had to be paid for between the attending members.  Each attending member paid for their own airline tickets and helped pay for food costs and other incidentals that came up during the weekend. In fact, not all members were able to attend because of airfare costs, etc. We missed them, but gathered for a weekend of learning, growth and group experience that aided us in our path of service for all students of Sacred Mists, through group experience that aided us deeply, not only in our own spiritual path  but also in our path of service that we provide to all students of Sacred Mists, as well as the Tradition as a whole

The question then becomes how can I learn from this and grow with grace.  It seems that this is evident.  I refuse to retaliate.  I will not stray from my path by causing Harm to anyone though they are attempting to harm my Spiritual Home at Sacred Mists by continually posting negative and untrue statements about said home.  I wish this person truly and from my heart nothing but the best of things in life and that he find peace and what he seeks.

Over the years at Sacred mists I have learned a level of grace and understanding that allows me to walk the path of the Priestess.  I must allow someone to hurt me for the hurt to be caused.  I do not give this permission.  I will continue to practice my Wiccan path in this manner as I do take the Rede seriously and will not cause intentional harm and will serve my Goddess and my Coven with the Grace I have learned.

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4 Comments to “Opportunity Knocks”

#1 Posted by Raushanna (10.05.09 at 00:44 )

My Love, I have come to realize, through similar ugly accusations, that there will always be those who feel that they have the right to make judgments about others without looking at the dark spots on their own souls. As long as we can look at our reflections in the mirror, you and I, and judge ourselves honestly, and find that we have acted with ethics and honor, and with harm to none, then those ugly words of others are harmless to us.

Posh vacation? What made it posh was not the accommodations (which were great, but everyone paid their own way), but the fellowship. The love. The compassion. The need to help others. The intent to create something good.

You can’t buy those things for someone else, you can only bring them yourself. Those words are empty accusations. And we will each grow closer through this time of being questioned, and we will end up even more sure than ever that we are on the right path . . .

#2 Posted by lilyth (13.05.09 at 19:29 )

You are absolutely right sweetheart. I am working past the disappointment and hurt and will continue walking my path as I am called to do so by the Goddess. Not for one more moment will I allow the pain to penetrate my heart or spirit. Much love to you and thank you for your wisdom as always dear sister.

#3 Posted by Sister Roseblossom (12.05.09 at 17:34 )

As sleepwalkers we have given our scientists the awesome task of unraveling the mysteries of the universe in order to answer our questions about life, creation, evolution, and death.

Physicists confirm this beautiful collaboration between God and us, as spirit children, in experiencing this ongoing process, called life, when they work within the conceptual framework of quantum mechanics.

While we assigned them this role, which they assumed with great relish, we told ourselves that we need not worry about such complicated matters. The best thing we could do is get out of their way and assume a posture of mindless living. Something sleepwalkers are very good at.

Diligent science and centuries of intense scrutiny of the life process and our relationship with the universe has evolved into a framework of explanation called “quantum mechanics”. Within this field of science and physics there are numerous books, scientific formulas, mathematical equations, and revered scholars who have endeavored to answer our most profound inquiries.

Not wishing to call their conclusions absolute, they have nonetheless returned to us with their hypothesis of what is going on, and they seem to be as perplexed as we are. Their answers have as much to do with mysticism and spirituality as they do with science.

What they found was that from the evidence accumulated over vast periods of study and worldwide collaboration, the real key to understanding the universe is, you and I. All the experimentation about what is out there is proportional and dependent upon what is in here.

The phenomenon that defines all experimentation into the mechanics of the universe is that the outcome of the experiment is always influenced by the intention of the experimenter. Are we looking at our external reality, or are we merely observing our interaction with it? The latter seems to be the case.

This runs counter to the popular opinion of the sleepwalkers of the world, who contend that what is out there is a controlling influence over what is in here. That has been the prevailing philosophy of the paradigm of separation, which contends that we are separate from what is out there. Now our scientists and physicists, through quantum mechanics, are telling us that what is in here influences and dictates what is out there.

This sounds more in alignment with unity consciousness that says we are all one with all that is and we have the ability to create the world and universe of our intentions. When we are conscious of our intentions we can create a world that serves us better.

When we continue as sleepwalkers, we have unconscious intentions that seem to serve us in the short-term, but will not hold up to accountability when viewed from a state of true awareness and the perspective of consciousness.

The role we have assumed as sleepwalkers has not held us responsible for our individual and collective behaviors. Now, quantum mechanics has come down on the side of the spiritual concept of oneness.

We can ignore mystics and spiritualists who try to wake us up. Are we going to ignore our revered scientists, physicists, and thinkers also? It is your decision. The experimenter influences every experiment. The creator of the experience and the intention of the creator influences every experience. You and I are the creators of all the experiences that ever happen in this ongoing process of life.

What is going on out there is totally dependent upon what in going on in here. When what is going on in here is based in love and awareness, we will change the world, as we know it.

What a beautiful, extraordinary concept. When you take it to heart, you understand more fully why you are so important to the world right now. You are the one who brings the love and change the world so desperately needs. Don’t depend on others. They will change also in their own way.

Be concerned with your change. Be conscious of yourself and what you can create to bring peace and love to this world. You are the leader. Lead us by your example. Be the bringer of the light. Light the way and others will follow, but always remember, love is the answer.

Richard Blackstone is an award winning author and international speaker on Love, Oneness & Creation.

#4 Posted by lilyth (13.05.09 at 19:31 )

Thank you for posting this Sister Rosebloom. I appreciate the wisdom which lies within these words. 🙂