On the wrong side?

Today was a bit of an interesting day for me.  I woke up with sort of a very blank slate for an overall ‘attitude’ my day could have easily gone one way or the other without too much effort.  Once a direction was started; however, it would set the tone for the day.  This was going to be one of those days that I had to watch very closely to keep my balance in check & to remain centered.

Once I got downstairs and was ready to start my day I realized that the pendulum had swung to ‘the wrong side of the bed’ kind of day.  For no reason I was surrounded by grumpiness this sent me over the edge of grumpy.  I spent sometime in a rather foul mood, allowing the mood to be and to not fight it.  It took most of the day to get through it.  By the time it was time to ‘go home’ for the day I had settled into a quiet ‘funk’.

After relaxing for a little bit I headed off to bed.  Problem.  I slept maybe an hour.  Then was wide awake.  Oh well.  So here it is 4am and I am still awake and still WIDE awake.  I have contemplated naval lint, I have studied, I have gamed.  I guess I won’t be sleeping before heading to Davie today.

I am however, in a great mood.  The funk seems to have lifted and the insomnia seems to be a make up for the craptacular way Friday was. ha!

I shall spend my morning atop a Riding Lawn Mower and cut the grass at my in-laws.  It will indeed be beautiful out and the sunrise I am sure will be beautiful.  What a great way to start the day.


Posted on 24 April '10 by , under Life.