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This entry is not strictly about my path but it does play a huge part of my path.  There are many blogs and entries all across the internet that are absolutely against anyone that receives payment for courses or services.

For the record, in case you are newer to my blog, I am not against this.  I embrace this.  Each Tradition has the ability to make itself self-sufficient.  I belong to an Online Wiccan College.  One that charges a monthly tuition fee for learning.  I have no problem with this.  In fact, I LOVE SACRED MISTS so much that I recommend it to other people who may wish to walk the Wiccan Path but not have the ability or desire to seek anyone out locally.

There are in fact local classes, they are spiritual in nature but do not cover Wicca specifically.  I have belonged to local covens, the politics and drama outweighed any benefit.

I thrive in my solitary environment and from the Online Community which I belong to.  Not only am I a student but I am a member of the Coven and fully intend to be able to teach others locally at various events and gatherings.

Now back to the issue at hand.  The one that involves the exchange of money.

I in no way feel that everything should be freely given without an exchange of payment.  Payment for local classes and events is monetary, I must pay for the use of the property, materials the teacher needs as well as their time. This is no different in an online environment.  I am instead paying for Servers, Data Transfer, Development, Site Maintenance and Services.  I am being taught a specific Tradition of Wicca and one that I hold close to my hart for it fits my own beliefs and path quite well.

What is the difference between helping a local Coven maintain property, coven materials and cost of lessons versus doing the same thing via an online venue?  I do not distinguish the two at all.  Perhaps I am a bit more progressive than traditional.  This is ok.  I do not begrudge anyone their path nor do I bad mouth it, speak against it or tell them it’s wrong to give things away for free.  It is but an alternate path and one I am accepting of.  It works for them but has never worked for me.

This is not to say that we must blindly accept everything and everyone, that is not the case I am just saying that we should not insult the intelligence of people who knowingly make a decision to pay for their spiritual education.  Shouldn’t we not really judge the path that works for another?  We don’t have to accept the path and beliefs as our own but if they are happy in the path they have chosen then who are we to say it’s not valid or it’s bad because for instance they charge for the lessons…

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