…no there is too much

Once upon a time there was a girl… Don’t you just love stories that start out like that? *laugh*

It seems not a small thing that life goes on and changes quickly, so quickly that we seldom notice sometimes the changes until we have a moment to breathe.  Yet in each of the small things that change something larger and more complex emerges.  Much like the seed that is planted.  It lies dormant until the right environment urges it to grow, this is how our lives are.

Many years ago I began a journey to shed the shackles of what I was supposed to be, what was expected of me to truly learn and become who I am at heart and spirit.  I have both succeeded and failed throughout the years as I continue on this journey of my life.  I strive to experience life, to truly live it with zest and joy as a child does.  In this day’s world being joyful is sometimes difficult if not all but impossible.  People think you are hiding something if you smile, if you are polite you must be deficient in some way.

I used to be an easy to temper young woman.  A short fuse and filled with passion (not always the good kind), I would rise to any and all challenges regardless of the outcome or whether I truly desired something.  It was a challenge so I went after it.  Eventually I began to see that these were the actions and reactions of someone who was insecure, tired, scared and lonely.  Someone who did not truly love life or

even experience it.  It was all about the destination and never the journey.

In early March of 2002 I truly began to change and reshape myself into an image that I can be proud to carry and a person that I want to be.  This first step was by joining Sacred Mists, An Online Wiccan College.  Little did I know, that it would be a step into a world I had left behind a long time ago and would forever change me.

One of the greatest things I learned initially was that I was not alone and that I did not have to be alone.  I could be me.  Over the course of the last 9 years I have become a sponge in everyway that I can.  I learn by absorbing the material put before me, next to me under me, above me and around me.  I soak it all in.  I incorporate it into my life.  Sometimes that sponge might fall off the counter, but look there’s more to absorb and become a part of me.

As I continue to move forward in my path, I grow, I absorb and I become something more beautiful than I was.  I found peace, I found challenge, I found love, light and Goddess.

Everyday I am thankful for my path, my teacher, my friends, my brothers & sisters, my High Priestess Lady Raven and the opportunities that I have had and been allowed to experience in my life and path.

I look forward to what the next years will bring me and what I will allow myself to feel and experience.  Who’s coming with me?  I don’t know but I welcome them.  All of them.  Let’s go on a journey called Life!  Let’s fill it with meaning!

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One Comment to “…no there is too much”

#1 Posted by Isleen (22.02.11 at 23:33 )

OK…you’ve done it again…you’ve lit a fire in me that has been sparking for a while but never quite took. LOL

As I gain a bit of perspective while the dust of the last several months settles…I will be writing in my Magickal Mist-ery Tour this week….I haz stuff that wants out of my head too!

Thank You for continuing to be an inspiration in both my personal, & Spiritual life.

Lots of WGW Love 😉