Mysteries & Holiday’s

In the go, go go fashion that most people live their lives; it is good to take a moment to stop and enjoy that which life has to offer you.

This is the season for taking moments away from the hustle and bustle of life and re-energizing yourself.

As I continue in my own training at Sacred Mists, as a 3rd Degree Dedicant,  I find that as each season turns I become more focused on the season and the world around me.

In much of the Northern Hemisphere it is now Winter.  Winter is a time of great introspection and renewal.  Right now my path is leading me to deeper studies and emotional ties.

Finding that some friendships are toxic is never an easy thing, letting go even less easy.  How do you tell someone you have known since 7th grade you don’t want to keep them on your Facebook?  Part of that also is allowing some relationships to come back into light and start fresh.  Apprehension is high since they were the ones that never wanted to be a part of my life or to try to stay in touch.  A constant attempt has been made for several months thanks to the wonders of Social Networking.   I have given in and provided my contact information including Mobile Number.  We’ll see if this bites me in the ass later but at least I know that no further damage can be done as the rejection and sting from it is still present.  I am in charge of how far this goes and how much I wish to give it.  It’s a nice change.

Holidays are approaching and these are the times you see both the good and the bad in people.  People will trample you at Walmart for a chance at that cheap DVD player, will fight you for the last LCD on sale, the last Wii on the shelf or the last Purple Nano.  This is also when some people go out of their way to do something kind, they smile a little more, they bake and give the gift of nummy love and time to those they care about.

As I get older I find that there is little that I wish gift-wise for Holidays but more time from those in my life.  A connection that means more to me than a bauble or trinket could mean.

This seems to translate directly into the path that I have chosen in rather interesting ways as I choose to go out of my way to bring smiles and joy to those around me, I am more fulfilled on a deep spiritual level.

Here I go babbling again…hahaha!


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