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Aff_HighPriestessTo say that this week has not been at all what I anticipated, would be an understatement.  As we move closer and closer to the holidays, it seems that more and more is heaped upon my plate for completion and doing.  I wonder, every day, if I will be able to accomplish my goals for that day and yet I still approach each day with hope and seeing the beauty in the world around me.  One of the most important things to me is a sense of peace in my life and making my mark on a given day.

Things that are very much a part of me and my life are simple and yet not at the same time.  I am a woman with a heart desiring to grow and evolve spiritually, I have a family I adore and want to take care of, I have friends that I want to see, I have work that is deeply rewarding to my spirit and life, I have challenges in each of these things that help me grow and improve.

I’ve spent some time this morning with one of my great joys of my work.  I sat down and reviewed and graded First Degree homework for the last third of the degree at Sacred Mists.  This truly is something I receive joy from.  Not only do I get to work one on one with students and their lessons but I also get to learn from these experiences and feel some of what they feel when they are doing the work.  It’s absolutely fantastic and something I don’t know I will ever be able to give up.

I  pulled my card yesterday, I just didn’t get to post it.  Yesterday was the emperor and my affirmation for that card was modified to be “I work with truth and for the highest good, I lead with love and wisdom, I am content”.  Today my card is the High Priestess.  Each of these cards has spoken to me in such an interesting way.  This card shows the Priestess robed with the colors of twilight on one side of the inner “cape” and the other side peacock feathers.  The affirmation is “I lift the veils of ignorance and darkness”, I am going to modify this one (surprise!) to be ” I lift the veils of darkness and shatter the illusions, I share wisdom and light with love and joy”.  Yes I think that will work lovely for me today.

Again there is a lot on my “plate” for work but I will get through it, all the while spreading with each interaction joy and love.

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3 Comments to “Musings & Affirmation”

#1 Posted by Raushanna (11.12.13 at 11:55 )

I think of you every day, when I log onto SM.  I know how hard you are working behind the scenes, working to keep the Community we both deeply love up and operating without glitches.  Most members of our Community are blissfully unaware of your continuing efforts, and that is how it should be.  That is your goal, after all: to make things the best they can be for those you love, so they don’t even know how hard you work for their benefit.  

These two cards exemplify this concept to me.  The Emperor is about keeping the trains running on time, so that those he loves and cares for can blossom and thrive.  The High Priestess understands why there are times in our lives where we feel either almost overwhelmed or almost forgotten; those times are as necessary as those times when we feel empowered or high on our success.  They balance nicely with an outer and an inner focus, even if this particular combination seems to be more like a test than an acknowledgment of your effectiveness.  It is not always fun to be The Emperor, because in the end he is responsible for what happens.  It is not always comfortable being The High Priestess, because she does need to know and understand Shadow, and thus she must be immersed within it.

And so, I send you a bit of love today.  You are not forgotten!!

#2 Posted by LilythAmiciaMinnig (11.12.13 at 12:17 )

Raushanna Interesting perspective and possibly you and I are closer than we thought.  I was telling a friend something similar and just a few minutes ago wrote a comment to PIE on the Strength posting from a couple days ago.  Check out that post and I wager you will see the same things I see and it’s fascinating to me…so much synchronicity is happening THIS WEEK that it’s beyond amusing to me and given me some amazing things to think about.

#3 Posted by Raushanna (11.12.13 at 15:32 )

LilythAmiciaMinnig Raushanna  Wow!  As always, we seem to be experiencing similar effects in life, and while our responses are presented in different words, they are the same!  I like that!  Seeing that you come up with the same basic explanation is alway an indication to me that I’m on the right track at the right time.

Remember, there are no coincidences.  These things do have meaning, and it is cool that we are both sensing those meanings!!

Hugs and love!