Misc. Thoughts

I’ve been giving a great many things a great deal of thought the last few weeks. Including my own life and path.


I have decided that for the time being I am going to not renew my Massage License with the state. It costs too much with too little enjoyment for me right now. This does not mean I cease to be a Massage Therapist, only that I become a free massage therapist for my friends and those close to my heart.


Aside from this my work schedule is finally stabalizing now that I am caught up and this is a wonderful thing and something I am truly greatful for. The really (REALLY) long days were taking a serious toll on my health and well-being.


I plan on setting up a time to meet with Lady Raven to work on my current 3rd Degree lesson. I am feeling a deep stirring in my heart and spirit. Something is coming and transforming.


No more ignoring the calls when they come, even if I don’t know enough (In my opinion) about those who call. I am picking up the phone Hecate & Hera. Ready or not, it’s time I answered them.


Yes I realize this is disjointed for anyone other than me…sorry

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Posted on 1 October '08 by , under Training.