Magick and Band-Aids

Recently I gave up my television.  That’s right I do not own a television anymore.  When I get off work I go downstairs (out of my office and away from the computer), help make dinner if it is not made, have dinner with the husband.  After dinner something magickal happens.  I pick up my kindle, find my spot on the couch and sit down.  I have read and re-read fiction books in the last few weeks with a voracious appetite.  I’ve added back in my spiritual books and discovered something rather interesting.

A while ago, I started reading Coventry Magick by Jacki Smith of Coventry Creations.  I have been a fan of Jacki’s work for a good many years.  The company I work for has been selling her candles, oils and incenses for many years and quite simply I am an addict.  There are few candles that I adore and I hate being without my Blessed Herbal Affirmation Candles or my Crystal Embeded candles (from a different Chandler) but right now I find I am on my last Evil Eye Witches Brew Votive while I wait on new candles.

I burn them every day for varied reasons on my altar at my desk.  These actions are very much a part of who I am and how I walk my own path within Wicca.  As I continue to evolve in my life I am finding that I have been band-aiding aspects of my path instead of truly growing and changing.  How did I come to the band-aid realization?  Remember that book I mentioned above?  Yah well, inside it’s cover I have found a voice of experience that I can relate to on many levels that were unexpected to me.  I sit and read the words and hear Jacki’s voice conveying the lessons and yes sometimes even smacking me upside the back of the head.  Without the distraction of the computer or the TV, I have immersed myself in books once again.  I create my own images of the scenes in fiction books.  I have an imagination and I have truly started using it again.  Next thing you know I will sit down and start writing again, if I don’t well I know that is a part of who I was but not who I am.  Who I am is about RIGHT NOW not who I was or how I got here but RIGHT NOW.  It’s time I started looking at those band-aids and start peeling them off so that the wounds I thought were there can heal or I can realize they aren’t there at all.

So what do you do when you start realizing your aura and energy may have several band-aids on it?  For me, I am focusing on removing the band-aids that HOLD IN the doubt and uncertainty.  I must own those emotions and move past them into full confidence and the Mistress of My Destiny.  I must embrace the things that have occured in my life to shape my feelings and accept them as a part of who I am right now.  I must release the things that do not serve me in a way that is positive.

The process that I am undergoing at home is in every way mirroring the 7 stages to transformation that is outlined early in the book.  I can see each of these stages manifesting in my life right now.  I am in the middle of a massive road opening shift in my life.  It’s taking me through the process of removing STUFF that I don’t need to THOUGHTS and yes even people that do not serve me well in my life.  I find encouragement in the lessons that I experience everyday and when I am feeling absolutely horrible and an emotional wreck…I remember that I need to shift on the downs to bring it back up and not get stuck.

Yesterday I was feeling horribly down about a major process going on at home and in life and the lack of movement.  I felt discouraged and adrift in an endless sea of difficulty and “You Can’t”.  Today I am freeing myself from the CAN’T with a little spiritual protection and cleaning to wash away the hurt in my heart.  I did a beautiful cleansing with my shower and am building up my protection again.  Next I move forward.  That road will open up for me.

Here I am removing those band-aids, I am open, I am ready to receive the gifts of life, Deity and myself!

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