Life’s Trials and lessons

Today’s Blessing: Friendship, Life’s Trials are all among the best blessings.

Last night I went to spend the evening and overnight with a dear friend of mine. Recently she has just had a hell of a life. She has cancer, it’s metastasized into her right kidney and to top it off she’s terrified @ night until she gets the locks on the house changed. A couple weeks ago her Dad beat the snot out of her (which angered me greatly because she is a wonderful woman). Her husband is working overnights right now and well I went to stay with her last night. That means very little sleep for me *LOL*, but that’s ok. She has done the same thing for me in the past and honestly without friends we merely walk through this life as an empty vessel.

Anyway it was good, I am glad I got to have some quiet girl time with her and the dogs and cat.

With this and everything else going on, it was just nice to go and be. Of course it took a little while for her to stop trying to do stuff for me, “do you need anything” “thirsty” “snacky?”.

All this aside I am eternally grateful for you all. I walk my path with my head held high and hoping that I inspire someone, anyone to try, to do better, to research more to evolve themselves and not be afraid to redefine themselves as their path in life grows.

Wiccan, DMS, Pan, Fae *Squishes you all tightly* Your friendship means the world to me and everyday I grow a little thanks to that friendship.

The greatest benefit and sometimes the greatest adversity in this path is when you walk ‘solitary’ save for online connections you never really know if what you have learned is actually helping anyone else when you post it. My greatest wish is to help others along this path and help their growth. You guys made me CRY when I sat and read each thing you all said. You started it Wiccan and it was all :'( from there. But tears of extreme joy because you all reminded me that while I may walk alone sometimes I am never really alone.

Each day I gain a little piece of myself back. The reclamation has been going on for longer than I have been posting about it. I started as soon as I left Verio and each day more and more of “me” returns.

The pieces previously posted about…they are LARGE pieces that require me to actually pay attention and do what I am being led to do. That’s hard sometimes. 😉

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