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DSCN0714I have a bit of time today to sit down and do a little writing, I started this eons ago and this afternoon I finish it.  Life has been rather interesting as of lately with so much happening, I scarcely know which side is up.  Beltane has passed and we are trudging towards Litha now and I still don’t know which direction to turn my life in.  I thought I had a good direction on where I wanted to be and wouldn’t you know it, as soon as I got that down, well shit happened.  Time to second guess and start making back up plans and back up plans of those.

I’ve put my formation of a local circle on hold pending the outcome of several things happening all at once.  With all this happening I am still trying to remain positive and working towards health for life.  It’s been a real tough balancing act and one that I have fallen down on a few times over now, since I first started this post over a month ago!

We just had a lovely week and a half visit with my in-laws.  It’s been 11 months or so since we’ve seen them (last July was our last visit with them – just before our move out West).  They hopped in the RV and drove out to visit with us.  It was a beautiful week and a half of visits and I really hope they consider moving closer to us.  We’ve really missed them.

I’m going to keep this post short and do a separate post tomorrow on the visit and some pictures.  Through all the trials of life, we make mistakes, we grow and we evolve.  When we learn from each situation we are given an opportunity to really be the change we want to see in the world and in our lives, I am trying to learn from my past and be a better person than I was.  The support of friends and family is what sustains and encourages me to continue down my path and for that support I thank you.

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