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To say this year has been filled with trials would be as if saying that a bonfire is a candle, a gross understatement. *laugh*

While this year has been extremely difficult for me, I am determined that I will not let my depression and the events of the year to bring me further down.  This last bit is one of the hardest aspects of each day.  There are some days that I would like nothing more than retreating inside myself and my books but I know this is not necessarily the best or healthiest place for me to be.  Not only is it not healthy but it also goes against everything that I want for my life.  Last week I spent a bit of time off and on talking with my husband trying to figure out what we can do to bring some of the joy that is “lost” back into life as well as the energy levels we used to have.  Let’s not forget health too.  For the last year I let my desire to be healthier weigh me down in the worst ways so I’ve not actually made any progress there at all.

We decided to start with healthy eating so we are modifying our diets again to what we used to eat and how we did it focusing on low fat, non-processed foods.  That means I am cooking more but it also means that the vegetables will be a part of every lunch and dinner and less meat with the meals we eat it.  I have already cut soda out of my diet, it’s been three weeks since I’ve had a pepsi and last week was my last week with my favorite mexican fanta sodas (they use real sugar instead of HFCS).

Had I not been as tired as I am today I would have danced with Dance Central for 10 minutes when I got home from taking Keith to the Ferry this morning.  I slept so poorly though that I am starting this tomorrow most likely, SO tired!  I am starting out with 10 minutes then will gradually increase not only the time but the overall difficulty as well so that I am getting more exercise everyday.

There is a whole lot of stuff going on and aside from my health stuff I am keeping my best friend in my thoughts everyday and calling her when I can.  Her grandmother is in the end stages of this life and it is really hard for her as she spent a great amount of time with her grandmother growing up and as an adult.  They have a beautiful relationship and it breaks my heart to know she’s hurting right now.

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