It’s Mine, What do you Need?

Lately, I have noticed that it seems more and more, people are looking towards magick to solve their problems.  With a spell you can wish away and receive your deepest desires.  Need more money?  There’s a spell for that.  Need a job? There’s a spell for that.  Looking for love?  Yep you guessed it, there’s a spell for that.  There is a spell for pretty much anything and everything that you can think of and if there isn’t?  Well you can write your own for it.

You’ve heard it before by more popular and widely known people.  Magick does not grant wishes or solve your problems.  Magick is the use and manipulation of energies to bring about results of what you need and want.  Need something?  Can you get it?  Yes you can.  Will magick HELP?  Yes it will.  Will magick do it for you? NO.

Magick resides within you and within everything around you.  It is through your will that you can manipulate this energy and bring your desires to light and come to pass.  You must own it.  In order to own it you have to do the work in the mudane world along with it AND know in your heart and soul that you deserve what you are spelling for.

Sounds simple enough right?  Well ownership is something that when it comes to our desires is something that we all have some degree of issue with.  We own that we want but we don’t own that we deserve it.  It seems to me that a great deal many people want something but ultimately do not feel they deserve it?  Well did you work for it? Then you deserve it.

This is not to say that you are entitled to every whim and that you should treat the world with the degree of indifference I see in many people that the world owes them for they are breathing tax payers so you owe them.   The mind set that the world owes you is bothersome and to some degree irritating for me.  You want something, you deserve something then work for it and make it happen, just because you were born does not mean the world owes it to you.

In my own life I am working very hard to get into the mindset that I deserve to be prosperous and not working from paycheck to paycheck.  Once upon a time I made more money than I thought I could spend, but spend it I did.  I’ve since simplified my life and do not need nearly the same amount of money to keep me happy.  While things may be tight I do manage to be able to take care of myself and my bills with no problems generally.  I don’t have cushion should something unexpected happen but so far so good.  I am building a cushion so that the worry is gone.  I do this with the programs my bank offers to have a savings account and deposit $1 every time I use my debit card.  Works wonderfully so far.

I’d like to dedicate this blog post in a way that I can maybe help whoever might be reading this.  Reply with one thing that you need or could really use or just want.  Let’s make a plan together to make that happen and re-enforce that with an affirmation plan and a little magick written just for you.  Are you game? 🙂

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One Comment to “It’s Mine, What do you Need?”

#1 Posted by Raushanna (16.02.12 at 15:23 )

Brilliant post, Lady Lilyth! You have nailed that one tiny yet very much NOT insignificant ingredient that is absolutely needed in every spell and magickal working. So many people want someone else or something else to solve their problems for them; that will never work! We must own our problems, and then do the work to fix them.

Hugs and much love!!!