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Water Elemental by Javi Ure

Water Elemental by Javi Ure

There is something to be said for having an accountability partner in writing.  It is keeping me “honest” with writing everyday and working out subjects together can be quite awesome. 🙂  To me it’s always a wonderful thing but when life gets in the way and you miss a day?  Ugh!  Do you want to see her writings too?  Be sure to visit her on her Witches Diary.  If you like, we’d love to have you join us! Want a witches diary as well?  Just contact me and I will set it up for you!

I missed writing yesterday, I did the work but never got a chance to get to the laptop to write about it.  The day was quite good in the way it all worked out and sometimes computer free days are nice. 🙂  As I continue working through the elements, yesterday was Water.

Water is a great balancer for me.  When I am feeling “too hot” or in general off kilter Water always balances me right out.  So what does water control?  Well there are a lot of thoughts here rolling around.  The body is comprised of a majority water and “liquid” cells.  Water lubricates.  Water is the giver of life, without it we could not survive.  Water is emotion, fluid and joyous.  As with the previous two exercises I used my absorption method from my First Degree training at Sacred Mists.

Absorbing Water:
Close your eyes. See yourself sitting calmly near a body of water. Nothing exists but you and the water, enter the water. Feel the weight of the water around you. See how the water moves with each breath you take. Breathe deeply, water does not become agitated , but appears to be swirling gently around you. It is creating a circle of water around you. Know that you are safe in this circle of water. The water cannot harm you, but is protecting you. Nothing exists but you and the circle of water which has surrounded you.

Continue breathing deeply, with each breath you are being filled with the Element, you are breathing in the element itself. Slowly the Element begins filling your being. Count each breath in, Keep this count, see this as a bead, how many breaths does it take for Element to fill your being? Remember this number. The characteristics of Element have filled your being. What does it feel like to be filled with water? Where does the water not move cleanly through you Where does it become broken, where does it not exist or swirl too quickly? See these areas and what they correspond to. Mentally and emotionally allow the Element to help repair the damage and the Element will exist evenly and throughout.

Once your Element is flowing evenly and steadily, you are ready to project that element back out of your being.

Continue breathing evenly. With each breath you project a bead of Water. You will project the same number of beads of the element that you breathed in. With each exhalation of the element you remain balanced with this Element.

From the base exercise (above) I made even more modifications today.  I was out and about doing my weekend walk with my husband and pups along the waterfront & ferry terminal.  Due to the hustle and bustle about me I made this a little shorter of an exercise.  I took a few moments of “me” stretch time and sat along the guard rails while they walked on ahead.  I closed my eyes and breathed in the water of the Bay.  The water here is a little different than I am used to so the inner buoyancy that I received was significantly more.  My emotions bobbed up and down with each breath and soon I was completely filled up to the brim.  The emotions floated in this water and slowly became saturated.  They were “weighed” down so that they were more palpable and easier to work with.  As I ended this exercise I breathed out the water in the same breaths as in.  When it was all left I felt cleansed, balanced and blissful in heart.

Would I do it this way again? Yes I think so.  It might have been a little more effective than previously done in fresh water baths and pools.  I felt peaceful and delighted and remained that way for the rest of the day.

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