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Fire Elemental by Iriloth

Fire Elemental by Iriloth

There is something to be said for having an accountability partner in writing. ¬†It is keeping me “honest” with writing everyday and working out subjects together can be quite awesome. ūüôā ¬†Do you want to see her writings too? ¬†Be sure to visit her on her Witches Diary. ¬†If you like, we’d love to have you join us! Want a witches diary as well? ¬†Just contact me and I will set it up for you!

In continuing the theme of working with the elements, my next step is that of Fire.  As with yesterday I begin by doing the fire absorption exercise that I modified from my first degree training at Sacred Mists.  These exercises are actually quite good to maintain some balance within the elements and within your body.  I recommend doing them regularly and am working on adding them back into my practice for at minimum monthly to help keep my balance in place and to gain strength in working with each element.

Absorbing Fire:

Close your eyes. See yourself sitting calmly next to a camp-sized fire. Nothing exists but you and this fire. Feel the warmth of this fire. See how the fire grows with each breath you take. Breathe deeply, the fire does not grow in height but in general size. It is creating a circle of fire around you. Know that you are safe in this circle of fire. The Fire cannot harm you, but is protecting you. Nothing exists but you and the circle of flame which has surrounded you.

Continue breathing deeply, with each breath you are filled with warmth, you are breathing in the element of Fire itself. Slowly the fire begins filling your being. Count each breath in, Keep this count, see this as a bead, how many breaths does it take for Fire to fill your being? Remember this number. The characteristics of fire have filled your being. What does it feel like to be filled with Fire. Where does the fire not burn brightly? Where does it burn out, smolder or burn too hotly? See these areas and what they correspond to. Mentally and emotionally allow the fire to help repair the damage and the fire will burn evenly and throughout.

Once your Fire is burning evenly and steadily, you are ready to project that element back out of your being. 

Continue breathing evenly. With each breath you project a bead of fire. You will project the same number of beads of the element that you breathed in. With each exhalation of the element you remain balanced with this Element. Count again the number of beads, you must exhale exactly the same number of times you inhaled.

As before I still myself and close my eyes. ¬†Each time I have done this exercise I always feel invigorated after it. ¬†I see the campfire before me and with each breath it grows in size until it surrounds me completely. ¬†Once I am fully circled I begin breathing in the fire allowing it’s searing warmth to fill my entire being. With each breath I become warmer and warmer until there was only fire and an awareness of spirit that expanded with the fire. ¬†My awareness became passion, my breath destruction, my body life. ¬†Energy imbalances burned away to ash and from deep within I felt alive and in every candle, every volcano and every burning fire. ¬†From the ash left behind the world started anew. ¬†Both terrifying and beautiful at once. ¬†I became aware of myself slowly and remembered to breathe the fire out in the same number of breaths I brought it in. ¬†The embers began to cool with each breath and my awareness was coming back to my home where I sat. ¬†The sounds of the dogs and cats and my husband became once again at the front of my mind and the fires had been cooled. ¬†The invigoration of spirit present but of body oddly at peace and content.

Have you tried this exercise? ¬†Does it intrigue you? ¬†What happens when you reach into your own awareness and bring fire forth. ¬†For a few moments let the passion of fire, the destruction and fertilization for growth overcome ¬†you. ¬†Oh yes there is a need for me doing this regularly. ¬†Tomorrow we will journey into water to see what the emotion and life brings to our balance. ¬†Stay tuned. ūüėČ

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