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Earth Elemental by D_emo

Earth Elemental by D_emo

There is something to be said for having an accountability partner in writing. ¬†It is keeping me “honest” with writing everyday and working out subjects together can be quite awesome. ūüôā ¬†Do you want to see her writings too? ¬†Be sure to visit her on her Witches Diary. ¬†If you like, we’d love to have you join us! Want a witches diary as well? ¬†Just contact me and I will set it up for you!

I’ve gotten “caught” up in my posts so that none are missing, despite the one being a day late for yesterday’s Water post. ¬†Today I am working with Earth. ¬†Earth, happens to be my weakest element. ¬†There is something very smothering about it in many ways and so controlling. ¬†I have never been able to “completely let go” and soar because Earth seems to just hold on.

What is the element Earth? ¬†Aside from being our bodies, our home and filled with wonder? ¬†Earth grounds us, protects us and shelters us. ¬†Earth is a great provider. ¬†Our food is of the earth, we are enriched by it’s beauty, we are in awe of the destructive forces it can unleash upon us.

Absorbing Earth:

Close your eyes. See yourself sitting calmly in nature (someplace where you can touch the ground such as a forest, cave or meadow). Nothing exists but you Earth around you. Feel the texture and weight of the Earth around you. See how the Earth moves with each breath you take. Breathe deeply, Earth does not become agitated , but appears to be swirling gently around you. It is creating a circle around you. Know that you are safe in this circle of earth. The earth cannot harm you, but is protecting you. Nothing exists but you and the circle of earth which has surrounded you.

Continue breathing deeply, with each breath you are being filled with the Element, you are breathing in the element itself. Slowly the Element begins filling your being. Count each breath in, Keep this count, see this as a bead, how many breaths does it take for Element to fill your being? Remember this number. The characteristics of Element have filled your being. What does it feel like to be filled with earth? Where does the earth not move cleanly through you Where does it become broken, where does it not exist or move too quickly? See these areas and what they correspond to. Mentally and emotionally allow the Element to help repair the damage and the Element will exist evenly and throughout.

Once your Element is flowing evenly and steadily, you are ready to project that element back out of your being.

Continue breathing evenly. With each breath you project a bead of Earth. You will project the same number of beads of the element that you breathed in. With each exhalation of the element you remain balanced with this Element.

This exercise is always difficult for me. ¬†I always feel as if I am being suffocated. ¬†As a result of that it takes me considerably longer to “fill” myself as I have to take it slowly in order to keep the panic of suffocation at bay. ¬†One of the changes I did with this exercise is instead of the “movement” I decided to fill myself and look for cracks or fissures in the earth that has filled me. ¬†I looked and began focusing on the energy centers of my body that exhibited a less than full amount of earth and began working to fill that by adding soil to the whole and shifting it around until the fissures closed.

I think with time this exercise will become easier as the more I work with the earth element the more comfortable I will become with it. ¬†Maybe a few more times and I won’t have a near panic attack. *laugh*

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