In the Twilight…

The last few weeks have have been pretty stressful as I have mentioned previously.  It has been chaotic to the extreme.  Each day is spent in a flurry of activity and running from one task to another.

Tonight we got off at a decent hour, which was truly a delight and a rarity.  I am hoping that if we can meet our weekend goal tomorrow we might get a full day off on Sunday.  This would be a true blessing as we are all working extremely hard to bring the store up and we have one week to do it as we open on the 27th.

This opening is the culmination of nearly two months of work since I have arrived in Napa.  The work has been long and difficult and often lonely as I do miss my husband terribly.  In the last nearly two months I have learned a great deal about myself and my own goals and path.

My Great Work is one of teaching, learning, counseling and healing.  I am devoted to Sacred Mists and Lady Raven.  She has been an amazing teacher and mentor over the last eight and a half years.  There are several of my fellow students who also have inspired me to reach higher and grow in ways that I have never imagined.  I am a very different and significantly less angry person than I was eight years ago.

It has been humbling and blessed to have my friends, old and new travel this path with me.  They inspire me, they challenge me and they provide me their shoulders when I need them.  Though I have had many challenges over the years that test and try my ability to trust and just be myself, I find that as I emerge in the time of Dawn, that so long as I am true to my instincts, I cannot be led wrong.

Yes I may not listen, yes I may get hurt.  Through it all I learn and grow.  That is what my path is all about.

Last night before bed I sat with my Amethyst point and free-form meditated and in that meditation I found moments of ah-ha and peace.  I will repeat the actions tonight and tomorrow, while I will be LOW on sleep, peace will be found and the day will be filled with laughter and light.  Even if I become frustrated I will simply bring myself back to center, re-anchor and keep on moving.  Like a surfer catching a wave, I will stay ahead of the darkness and allow the blessings of the Goddess to enter into my life.

Afterall, I have many reasons to feel blessed.  I have a family that loves and supports me, it has gotten bigger since I came to California.  It is lovely to be surrounded by a family that is wonderful, loving and supportive yet at the same time will tell you when you are being stupid and trying too hard or doing too much.

Today my affirmation will be:
I am surrounded by family, love and the blessings of the Goddess.

I will draw on the Goddesses I have worked with over the years once more to regain that which is lost, that which is hidden and to live with love and joy.

For you, I wish for you to be surrounded by joy and laughter today and all days.  Be blessed and well.

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2 Comments to “In the Twilight…”

#1 Posted by Yemaya Olokun (21.08.10 at 14:38 )

MM lovely Lil,
“As Above, So Below”. The old axiom keeps running through my mind as I read your journal. Your Great Work, your Third Degree culmination, is expressing itself through the work that you are doing with Lady as you are in California.
The Zen saying is when in pursuit of the Divine, one must “chop wood and carry water.”. I see that you are doing just that…you are working so hard, to the point of exhaustion, with great emotional pain and hurt, being carried to your farthest boundary to the final making of a Third Degree HPS. It is difficult, it is is a rebirth. And you are coming through it just as you should, being reborn as a Third Degree Priestess of the Goddess. ((hugs)). You have our dear Lady as a Midwife, and your dear family as doulas on the journey.
I love you dearest sister, and am so amazed and in awe to be here as a part of your birthing process, and to have you share in mine. I love the Sacred Mists more and more as I grow, and am so grateful for all of you as family.

Namaste from a heart filled with love and awe,

#2 Posted by Tansy Firedragn (23.08.10 at 09:20 )


You have been through so much in the last couple of months and have come through it all – you are a shining star. I have learnt so much from you, and am especially thankful that when I was struggling a few months back – you were there to pick me up, hold my hand and encourage me forward, you have not stopped doing so since. I am truly blessed to count you as a friend. Never underestimate how many lives you have touched sweet sister.
I too am devoted to Sacred Mists and a huge part of that is because of what Lady Raven and you have done to make it such a wonderful spiritual home.
With much love to you.