In the Eyes of the Beholder…

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  This is very true for no two people perceive beauty the same and if perception dictates your reality then well beauty in your world will be very different than beauty in my world.

I find beauty in nearly all forms of life.  The ones you call ugly I will find a spot of beauty in them as everyone deserves to be beautiful and loved.

This weekend past I attended a party at a dear friends home.  This was a smaller version of the party that usually happens.  It is a fun and interesting time for sure.  I got to see some friends I have not seen in 4 years.  That is simply too long.   I digress.  The rooms are filled with people who hold beauty in their eyes and may not (and some do not at all) find me at all remotely beautiful or one of my other friends who is also a large girl.

I find this interesting.  I find beauty in all shapes and sizes.  My one friend has the most beautiful long hair and the sweetest personality and she is a big girl.  Another girl who is normal sized has the most awesome disposition and sweetness and is quite pretty too.

Everyone deserves to be adored by someone.  I am adored by my husband.  I am a Willendorf girl in shape but pretty.

You might be thin and quite pretty.  How you treat others shines more beauty through your skin than ever your looks could.  Do you treat others kindly and gently or judge them and scorn them when they are not like you?

If you treat others with gentle kindness you will find you have less stress in your life and in general attract more friendships and conversations in the world.

What am I saying?  Be kind and you will find kindness.  Pay it forward.

I’m babbling, if you made it through this babble congratulations.  I appreciate you reading!


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One Comment to “In the Eyes of the Beholder…”

#1 Posted by Raushanna (15.12.09 at 15:38 )

Babble? Never. Anything you write is always worth reading, my mentor and sister!!