Imbolc…New Beginnings

Last week I attended the Sacred Mists Imbolc Ritual.  Ever since I wrote my first Imbolc Ritual filled with Ritual Drama years ago, Imbolc has been one of my favorite Sabbat’s.  It is filled with symbolism to start something new and fresh beginnings.

This year was a very different year for me.  I have been in the process of many life changes and personal growth.

It is staggering to look at the year and know that much will change, things will never be the same again. 

I have never feared change so much that I stagnate my growth.  My fears are steeped in much deeper moments…Fear of Failure, Fear of Success but never change.  I walk forward anticipating that I will be thrown a curveball at any moment.  I know my life changes and I embrace this change.  I am a very different person than I was even 6 months ago.

Back to the ritual.  Imbolc for me is a time of great beginnings.  A time to plant the seed of a new beginning.  My seed planted firmly within me as I chose to not plant an actual physical seed this year but one that resides strictly within me.  I will tend it lovingly, feed it and encourage it’s growth.  By Ostara a bud should be shooting up and by Litha I should be flowering into whatever it is I shall be and by Yule I will have lived a season in a new vessel.

I wonder sometimes where my path will take me, what I will experience and what awaits me on the other side of it.  For now I will be patient and see what life has in store for me.

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