Hurts and Growth

As human beings why do we continually hurt one another?

In a public forum an untruth was posted about me.  I did not “retire” from a position I once held because I did not want to deal with the hassel.  I was removed from my post because I simply did not have the time to devote to the post as I once did when I switched from my 10 year career at a Corporate Web Hosting Company to begin my career at Sacred Mists.  This switch involved a pay cut and a lot of hours so that I could learn the ropes.   I have done some very good things and failed miserably at some tasks.  I learned and grew and now can say I am very good at my job.  I work hard and intelligently and long hours.  There is a lot to do for so few people to do the work.

Anyway, my point is that through all trials I will grow and become more of the Priestess I know is in my heart and spirit than the day before.  People hurt others through their words.  I have been deeply hurt by the words of someone who is no longer a part of our Circle.  I have struggled to make amends with myself with those words.  You see I am not misguided.  I can make my own decisions and do so daily.  I do not *have* to grow and learn but I CHOOSE to do so.  I have found a mentor who is honest with me and lets me make my mistakes so that I can learn from them.  Lady Raven and Sacred Mists may not be for everyone; however, they are for me. 

Over the years I have been a practicing Wiccan I have been involved with local Wiccans and Pagans, I have attended public rituals.  I have attended rituals at Sacred Mists.  I have led rituals at Sacred Mists.  I have led rituals with Student Council Members from Sacred Mists in a face to face manner.  This last ritual was the first “in person” ritual I have done that was not Solitary.  I do lead Solitary Rituals as health allows.  Which has been scant as of late as I have been sick since the beginning of April.  My road to physical recovery has been long and trying but slowly I get there.

As an active & participating Wiccan, I hold very closely to my heart the Wiccan Rede.  I will not ever cause intentional and malicious harm to another person, animal or plant.  I have a very strict personal code of ethics that I tie to my spirit.  I will not lie, I will not cheat, I will not harm, I will not be false.  I am who I am and that is simply, Me.  I give fully of myself with no holding back.  I share with my community all of my growth and hope that it helps others as they too grow.

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