For a little while now, I have been thinking of the “lost art of handwriting”. Everyday we type, we text, we talk but how many of us still write in a paper journal, write letters?

I have always loved writing. I have so many journals started and writing a spell on paper is just something that to me is amazing.

As our thoughts unfold on paper we transfer something of ourselves onto it and suddenly that plain paper becomes something magickal. It contains your thoughts manifest for people to see, be a part of, feel or bring about change. It is an amazing thing.

For years I kept my book of shadows electronic. Over the last year I have been transcribing my book into a large wooden book. The process is magickal. I’ve been giving great consideration lately to expanding my writing to not just the occasional paper journal, my book of shadows but into letters and penpals. How awesome would it be to get letters in the mail again?! Part of that is looking for penpals and I am expanding that to Pagan Prisoners.

What do you all think of writing? How does it take place in your own path? 🙂

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Posted on 24 July '14 by , under Life.